Wu Huan, the capital of the capital of the Wuzhou District

He was born in 1907 in a landlord family in the River Township.

The 16-year-old test into the Macheng Sericulture School and accepted Marxismism in the school.

In 1924, the winter is going home. Father was very angry and rebuked him: "This is a place to serve!" Wu Huan said: "He is a revolutionary tutor, according to his approach, it will create a new society!" After graduating from 1925, Wu Huan is A revolutionary event is carried out in the river of the Arrow.

He shaved his head, wearing grass shoes, went to the field and poor farmers, and awakened the masses.

He took the lead in the family revolution, burned the debt and Tiancai, and distributed their own fields to poor farmers. Then, the first rural party branch in the mutual River, the first farmer association, the first farmers’ revolutionary armed. In October 193, after the transfer of the Red Fourth Army, Wu Huan first, took the initiative to rebuild the Red 25th Army to the Ou No. 25 Army, and adhered to the struggle of the Dabie Mountain Revolution.

In November 1934, Wu Huan first led Red 25th Army to start the long march from He Jiafu in Luoshan County. In July 1935, the Red 25th Army learned that the Central Red Army and the four moves have been in Sichuan, and there are trends in north.

Wu Huan, secretary of Ozhen Shaanxi Provincial Committee, presided over the emergency meeting of the provincial party committee in Chang’an County, and proposed the slogan of "Meeting the Party Central Committee", "Meeting the Main Red Army", made the strategic decision of the central Red Army in the north of China.

On August 21, 1935, the Red 25th Army arrived at Sichuan County, Gansu Province.

In the battle of Sihu Village, Wu Huanxue was unfortunately to sacrifice, and the age of 28 was 28 years old. At this time, only 25 days of long launter was only 25 days.

Wu Huan, a huge sacrifice for the revolution, the 6 people were killed by the reactionary, and the wife who was pregnant for a few months gave the food to the troops. He starved to the way to beg, the mother was also starved to death in her own inside.