Weifang University of Science and Technology: Precision Shi Gui strictly controls strict control to win the epidemic prevention and control

Strengthening the leaders of the organization, many party political joints, party committees, party committees (expansion), epidemic prevention and control festivals, convey the superiors meeting and document spirit, arrange deployment of epidemic prevention and control.

The whole school is required to improve risk awareness, and the front movement is required. From strict, we will strictly grasp the epidemic prevention and control of various measures, and resolutely hold the campus epidemic prevention and control bottom line, effectively safeguard the life safety and health of teachers and students.

The wig prevention and control network was lowered by 253 party members and cadres. It established an epidemic prevention and control and control and controlled the special group, clarify the division of responsibility, and comprehensively and was fully responsible for the school and school management community value. Divided 11 responsible areas, each area is brought by one school level, doing a regional manager, building in each community, long-distance corridor, implementation of the responsibility system, compressing the prevention and control responsibility, forming a horizontally , Vertical to the bottom, full coverage grid prevention and control network. Clearing the focus on the implementation of the campus relatively closed management, strictly implement the school, strictly implement the temperature measurement, check the "two yards", real name registration, foreign personnel are not necessary.

Strengthen key personnel touch and nucleic acid testing, strengthen the management of express delivery points, and do a good job in nucleic acid testing, grasp the various epidemic prevention and control measures, promote the vaccination of teachers and students, and do materials guarantee and place preparation, strengthen emergency drills and regular training. Strengthen foreign student management, strengthen the management of aggregated activities such as conference forums to ensure the safety and stability of campus.