The wide range of harvested! Foreign media: 23 endangered species in the United States have been extinct

On November 3, According to EF, Miami, USA, reported on November 2, and the US Fish and Wildlife Authority proposed to remove 23 species from the relevant directory of endangered species, because they have permanently extinct, including Bach?, this is a small yellow spontium that has never habitat in Florida.

The agency said that Bakhman, who lived in Florida and South Carolina, entered the endangered species in 1967, but the last confirmation has dating back to 1988.

It is one of the most rare songs in North America. This bird’s existence has not been confirmed for decades. In Cuba, the presence of a bird that recorded this body length of 12 cm in 1981 was in 1981.

The Statement of the American Fish and Wildlife Authority said: the loss of forest habitats and a wide range of harvested is the main reason for their extinction.

The US Department of Interior, said in the statement that with the loss of climate change and natural areas, more and more species are pushed into the edge of the extinction, and now they have begun to promote active and innovative efforts to save the American wildlife. The time.

According to the report, the permanent destruction of the American Fish and Wildlife Authority announced also includes ivory woodpeckers, 1 kind of fox, 2 freshwater fish, 8 freshwater odors.

(Compilation / Tian Gui).