Telling Zhongnan Mountain story drama "breathing" Guangzhou Grand Theater premiere

The drama "breathing" stills Guangzhou Culture Radio and Television Tourism Bureau for the original realisticist "breathing" in the Guangzhou Grand Theater, in the first day of the Zhongnan Mountain, the governments dare to do dare to do, courage to take the story behind.

  The drama tells the clocks of Zhongnan Mountain to go to the British to study, participate in the story of important life nodes such as atypical pneumonia and neoguanpi pneumonia, showing its academic character and dedication.

The drama "breathing" ushered in the Guangzhou Grand Theater to the Guangzhou Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Bureau for map on the stage of "breathing", the twelve virtual pixel light column combined with projection, creating time speed and time flow I feel, express "time flies, the flow of light is always the concept of honesty, and dare to dare to dare to dare to dare." The drama makes the audience feel contemporary and technological feel through multimedia and lighting light shadow.

The drama "breathing" tells the story of Zhongnan Mountain Guangzhou Culture Radio, Television Tourism Bureau for the picture "Respiratory" to assemble the top main creation of the domestic, "Cao Yu Drama Literature Award" winner Tang Dong and the national first-level screenwriter Pudson jointly served as a drama, the national level Director Fu Yongfu is a director.

Guangzhou Drama Art Center strength actors starred.

  The drama is jointly produced by the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Guangzhou Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Bureau, China Foreign Culture Group Co., Ltd.

(Reporter Cheng Jingwei).