The enthusiasm of the fruit farmers, Wuhan Fang Class Hospital will eat the true "orange" meaning of the golden hall.

On February 25, the People’s Network, February 24, on February 24th, a load-bearing cold chandelo truck slowly drove out of Sanxi Town, and the 13,000 pounds donated by Sanxi villagers. Let the first-line medical staff enjoy the true "orange" meaning of the golden hall. On February 22nd, the Social Workers Association of Jinotang County received two charity funds to donate fruit from the medical staff of Wuhan Fangge Hospital, and then got in touch with the Tangtang County Civilization Office and Sanxi Town.

I didn’t expect the enthusiastic Sanxi who learned about this news, and I responded to the call of the Sanxi Town Government donated navel orange to the Wuhan epidemic prevention frontline. You have 20 pounds, my family is 100 pounds. The last Sanxi Civil Affairs Office received from 118 farmers and Chengdu Jinzhi. The navel orange and grapefruit donated by Feng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Chengdu Jinzhi Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a large household in this donation, and the company actively responded to the call of the Town Party Committee, donating the high-quality navel orange of Sanxi, providing fruit protection for medical staff who is fighting in Wuhan.

"You can’t make contributions to Wuhan in the first line, you can only do a little bit of meager strength, the vete is not faded, always thinking about the society for the society", Longqiao Village, the veteran veteran Dang poetry, Dang poetry, is Navel Orange, I sent more than 600 pounds of grapefruit. The donated fruit is there, but the transportation tools and transportation costs become a problem in front of everyone.

The County Civilization Office and the Social Workers Association of Jinotang County have issued a car to society. Volunteers have contacted a cost-relatively cheap cold chain transport vehicle from a agricultural platform. Immediately, the association actively raised transportation fees, and volunteer Xiafei received a message in each WeChat group, he received a donation of 9,000 yuan in a day, of which 7400 yuan, Jinteang County Zhaohui Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. donated 1600 yuan.

The group and county committee has come out to make up all the required transportation costs. It is reported that after the specialty of this batch of specialties, after returning to Wuhan, the staff of the Fang Mountain Charity Foundation and the Hero Fund Assistance will receive and distribute the medical staff of the hospital for the staff of the staff of Wuhan.