Shaanxi promotes "double reduction" landing effect after-class service to achieve full coverage

"As of 24 September, Shaanxi Province organized 100% coverage rate of post-class service schools. The students who participated in the post-class service, the student coverage rate, which participated in the student after class more than 5 days a week., Accounting for% of the total number of service students attending the class.

In the past few days, Shaanxi Province pays close attention to the implementation of "double mining" to promote the implementation, and achieved remarkable results.

Xi’an: Documents have been logged out of the 48 training institutions to regulate 766 training institutions in Xi’an, "Ten measures of the operation of the Compulsory Education School", "Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Operational Education School Management", Guidance The school is strictly in accordance with the requirements of "double mining", and based on the principles of "symptomatic symptoms, binding, norms and encouragement and encouragement", establish a perfect management mechanism. At present, the city has canceled the 48 training institutions, and the 766 training institutional behavior is regulated.

Education, market supervision, civil affairs, public security and other relevant departments jointly enforce the law enforcement, forming supervision and cooperation. Through Parent Meeting, Parents School Lectures, Guide Parents "Thought Reduce", establish the correct education concept, achievement, rational treatment of school training, build school, family, and social collaborative education new ecology.

As of September 9, the city’s latter service compulsory education school 1271, coverage reached 100%, and the post-class service realization "compulsory education school is fully covered, and students will stay all over-coverage."

The city’s compulsory education students 1181385, participated in the post-class service students, students participation rates; 82,478 teachers in the city’s compulsory education schools, 74,694 participating after-school service teachers, teachers’ participation rate%.

According to the after-school service "5 + 2" mode, fully use the service after payment of 2 hours, one hour guided students to complete the operation; follow-up, can carry out physical exercise, community activities, labor practice, special training and other literary improvements Activities, promoting the comprehensive development of students and morality, and the service time after class is uniform to 18:30. Xianyang: Provides a delayed service for special demand students to introduce relevant policy requirements to the implementation of the management requirements for operation management requirements.

All schools are required to arrange at least 1 self-study class every day, and the first school school will open a self-study class at night.

Adhere to "six" and improve the quality of work.

All the schools judged a monthly operation of the total operation and approval, and the survey of the operation situation was carried out in each semester; each teaching group (grade group) analyzed 1 job week, instructed the teacher improvement; teachers according to each initial case Develop improvement measures; each of the secondary school teachers presided over 1 "five management" research topics, and the teaching and research department guided each school to stand at least 1 job research topic every year, and promote the level of work management. After the start of the autumn, the city’s 741 obligations section of the city launched the post-class service work, the coverage rate reached 100%. Participate in 3,992,48 students, accounting for% of the total number of students, and realizes the full coverage of demand students. Participate in the post-class service teacher 3,1283, participation rate%.

Students with special needs provide delayed hosted services to ensure effective connection with parents, do not leave regulatory vacuum.

All primary and secondary schools combine the actual scientific design service projects, implement the five major service modules of "Q & A, Quality Development, Zhang Yang personality, reading the soul, strong body", providing multi-supply for students. Hanzhong: Pilot to carry out the new model of "Fishing Nap + Lesson Service" to ensure the steady advancement of "double mining" work, the Hanzhong Municipal Education Bureau issued the "Notice on the Management of Standard Educational Stage", all schools formulated operation management rules, establish Job school publicity system.

Rational control of total work, pay attention to the system design of operation management, correctly grasp the functions of work, and improve the efficiency and quality of the job.

Fully excavate the educational function of the post-class service, provide a colorful service content, carry out the new model of "Fishing Nap + after-Course Service" in the central city, according to the "Student Voluntary, Home School Match, Enterprise Implementation, Department Supervision" The model is concentrated from the school’s external catering service unit, and 3,672 students in 4 schools have been fully recognized by students, parents and society.

Up to now, Hanzhong City’s 387 compulsory education schools launched a class-after-school service, achieving full coverage, participating in 23,3370 students, participation rate%.

At the same time, Hanzhong City implements the group school to run schools to expand its school, strengthen urban and rural, inter-school education collaboration, take hosting, alliance, collaboration, merger, and form 131 school alliances (education group), participate in 781 schools, Interpretation of 644 teachers. Establish 1 City-level Junior High School Academic and Teacher Development Guidance Center, 13 municipal junior high school education and teacher development guidance bases, 74 experts, 74 members of the discipline leader, carry out scientific discussion, strengthen exchange interaction, innovative theoretical class results Continuously improve the school’s level of school. Xi’an High-tech Zone: Properly dealing with the "Double Reduction" context of teachers’ reduction and reward incentives Xi’an High-tech Zone to sign "Double Reduce" Work Target Responsibility Book. The five departments jointly introduced the post-class service work program, and all schools combine the school’s "one school one-strategy" to formulate specific implementations, coordinated operations and students’ personalized development demand, and use every day for two hours. Signing "Double Reduce" to implement the "Double Minor" to implement the "Double Minor" and properly handle the "double minus" background, the teacher "reduce the weight loss" and reward incentives, reduce the burden for students, to decompress the teacher, and worry about the parents.

After the start of the fall, after school service has realized the "5 + 2" full coverage of the Compulsory Education School, the end time is not as follows at 18:30.

All schools have focused on different schools, after-school service content and forms, in the basis of generally carrying out physical activities, extracurricular reading, team activities, job counseling, primary school, two-year focused manual operation, game activities, etc. , Three to sixth grades of emphasis group, comprehensive practice, etc. (Editor: Sun Ting, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see client downloads.