"Bring the fighting spirit of the military to work" (the most beautiful retired soldiers)

"I want to take the most difficult road, go to the highest tower, bring the military’s fighting spirit to work, and take responsibility and take the shoulder.

"This is the retired soldier, the South Power Grid Corporation Guizhou Xingyi Power Supply Bureau transferred the five class leader Dragon Focus in the work of the work. 23 years stick to the power station, he is more than 300,000 kilometers of the road; there are 17 national patents For the national reduction of power loss billion kilowatts; winning the "National Work Model", the National "May 1st Labor Medal", etc. Xingyi Power Supply Bureau work.

Every time you go out to inspect and repair, Long Fu has carried a notebook with him. If you encounter some complex problems, record it, and then ask the master to learn to learn.

Other teams have maintenance and inspection work, and he also grabbed the participation and learned the record. "There is also limited conditions at the time, and there are few professional books for learning. I can only cherish learning opportunities. If I don’t understand, I will ask Mrs, and then write down myself." He said.

In this way, in just 3 years, Long Fu Gang grows from a door foreign man as a skill expert, and it takes 10 years or even longer to achieve it. Through many years of footsteps, Longfu has kept in mind the topographic landforms and wire models of 1467 kilometers of transmission lines in the jurisdiction, which is one of his "zero errors" "zero accident" for many years.

As long as the line is faulty, he can always develop the safest and fastest maintenance method. The charged operation is in the absence of power failure, and the high-pressure line is carried out on high-pressure lines from 80 meters from the ground. The dangerous coefficient is very high, and the work process is not hierarchical and flash.

Longfu has begun to think, how to reduce the safety risks and labor intensity during the operation and improve work efficiency. To this end, he is attracted to study, obsessed with innovation. In 2012, Longfu has found that the foot snaps are not slippery in a deadline operation. In order to solve this problem, he thinks about the day, draw a sketch, find the door of the door to the shoes to make a seventy-eight times, before making the first improvement foot buckle, "can be used, but material comfort, flexibility and The intensity is not enough. " To this end, Longfu has applied for a vacation, and the special trip to the Fujian Putian market has changed for 3 days to find the appropriate material.

In 2018, the first generation of anti-slip anti-falling feet he developed was born, and now it has been updated to the third generation.

New products greatly reduce the security risks of operators, improve the efficiency of repairing the repair, and praised as "boarding artifact" by colleagues.

"For these years, Long Fu just did not only engage in innovation inventions, but also driven a group of people in transmission management.

For example, Southern Power Grid Corporation currently has the youngest model, is his apprentice. "The person in charge of the transmission management office of Xingyi Power Supply Bureau said that Longfu has actively actively played the role of the biopsy, with the professionalism of excellence and drives people, many times have been rated as Xingyi Power Supply Bureau" Excellent Master ".

Walking into the Office of Longfang, there are two conspicuous brands at the door, a piece of "Work Model Innovation Studio", and another written "Longfang Technology". " "I invited a lot of patents, not how many awards, not for how high honors, but to let each of you go out, you can go to work, peace and go home." Long Fuang said, Higher honors also arrived in the safety of colleagues. Working in the Southern Power Grid for 23 years, he has always used action to practice his initial heart. When the patrol is patrolled, he is the hardest road; when he is tower, he is the highest tower.

Long Fu Kong said: "I will always keep in mind that I am a communist party member, a retired soldier, no matter where it goes, it must be a banner; no matter what difficulty in the face, it must be fearless, and strive for final Victory.