Yulin City, Yuyang District: Building a grassroots social governance integrated innovation "upgrade version"

Bondang River Township "History Update Studio" mediator is median Chen Lizhen, who lives in the three officials, and the governance model of Xinminglou Street, Xintai Building, Suyang District, always praised: "During the Spring Festival, Our couple returned to Fujian hometown. Before returning to the mener, he communicated with the netger. He thought about our very thoughtful, driving to the airport to reset it home, measure the body temperature every day, to buy vegetables And life supplies, let us have successfully spent the isolation period. " As long as the residents reflect the things and difficulties encountered, the Sanlihui community will list the list of items to solve the inventory, so that the security and happiness of the residents are multiplied. In the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, the "street head system", "Community + Property" jointly introduced in the multi-year practice, "The Network", "Tree Trees", "Three Enthusiasts" Entering the community "," Yuyang Mode "such as the grassroots social governance such as" Farmer Night School ", has experienced risk test and played an important role. These achievements have benefited from the Yanyang District to adhere to the innovation of grassroots social governance. Work mutual promotion. This year, Yugyang District combines epidemic prevention and control to create a national community governance and service innovation experimental area, the national rural governance system construction pilot demonstration zone, two ‘national characters’ is created as a starting point, reform innovation, system integration, and cooperative implementation For the basic way, concentrate on the one-year-old foundation, supplement shortboard, grasp the reform, construction mechanism, coordinate basic ideas, organizational systems, governance mechanisms, innovative practices, smart systems, team strengths, six major reform integration and innovation, strive to build more High levels of peaceful yang, the rule of law, Yanyang, provides "Yanyang Experience" for the integrated innovation of grassroots social governance in the province and even the country.

Innovative work ideas, build "Great Governance", the key work of China’s construction, public security, public service, spiritual civilization construction, etc., and form an organic unified combination. In terms of rural grassroots governance, we use rural collective property rights system reform results, establish rural governance and economic social synergy development mechanisms, and continuously improve the rural governance system, improve grassroots governance methods, promote autonomous, rule of law, and morality "three governments.

In terms of urban grassroots governance, Yugang District studies learns from the experience of "street whistle, department report", and strives to build a total of regional "big governance" patterns of total construction and publicity. The "Five Synchronization" paths of "grid management, refined service, regionalization, informationization, standardization improvement" are fully applied to urban and rural grassroots social governance practices. Innovative organizational system integrates, play the basic role of the grassroots main body, the important role of the village and community party organization, improve the village-level important matters, major issues from the village party organization research discussion mechanism, realize the party leaders, party work, party Organizational role is effective over all fields.

Fully promote the organization of the industry committee, the party’s organization and the party’s work, and truly solve the problem of "community management unbelly".

And the economic development, social governance, market supervision, and people’s livelihood guarantee, etc., the streets, and give more management rights and dominant rights to the township street. Rationalism and the rights of the responsibilities, implement the list of local village groups, street community governance service matters.

Give full play to the "three social linkage", community correction, traceability, civilized practice, and social governance role of group organizations. Innovative governance mechanism integrates, realizing multi-network integration multi-won the governance resources and strength of the genital area, fully implement the general metrics list management, incorporates the work of party building, publicity, comprehensive treatment, and stability into one Zhang Net, equipped with grid power, implement closed-loop workflow, and truly realize "people walk in the net, do things in the Geng". "Three-dimensional metrochemical governance of our community will be sinked from 21 of the resident group, community coordinating, creation, police, medical, property, volunteer service, etc., and build a mission office by introducing social organizations. To form a red-sleeved chapter volunteer patrol, absorb all kinds of group organizations, enthusiastic people, old party members, volunteers and other participation in community services, and do the mass service work horizontally, longitudinal to the end, network does not leak the hospital, the hospital is not missing Households, do not leak. "Gao Peng, secretary of the Community Party Branch of Hump Road, Hash Road, said. Innovative practice integration, improve the management capability of the "Fengqiao experience" in the new era of sustained innovation and development, explore the multi-resolution contradiction dispute, and establish advance prevention, smooth guidance and effective resolution mechanism from the source.

To mobilize folk mediation capabilities, new townships, old party members, and old teachers, establish more professional people’s mediation organizations, solve contradictions and hidden dangers in germination.

With the "Snow Engineering" construction, it is focused on the construction of public safety video surveillance construction. At the end of this year, the country key industry, the field involves video surveillance full coverage, video image resource networking rate, and constructing people defense, object defense, Social Security Prevention and Control System of Technical Defense, Deep Deepening. "In recent years, the town has invested more than 4 million yuan, and improve the overall technology and defense monitoring system, basic implementation of the village group important intersection video surveillance full coverage.

By establishing a traffic persuasion station, the police room, the establishment of the ‘red-sleeved "patrol team, the whole town is anti-defense, the material defense, and the technical defense level will be further improved.

"Macangang Zhenzhen Town Chang Ji Hua Xiong said.

At the same time, learn from Xi’an and other places successful experience, in the suburban village, the park mine is concentrated in resettlement villages, and the villages in the Town Town have promoted the construction of "Village Reform Community" and gradually sound the modern rural governance mechanism.

This year, five new rural communities, such as Bai La Beach Village, Jinjan Town, Golden Town, Tower Town, Tower Town, Huangjiaku Village, Creative infrastructure, complete service functions, net living environment , New rural community demonstration patterns of collective economic prosperity.

Innovative smart system integration, build a shared governance platform, the strategic cooperation between the grassroots social governance overall situation, deepening the first-class enterprises such as Huawei Group, took the lead in building the comprehensive information platform of the grassroots social governance in the whole area, realizing the grassroots party building, social governance, service masses, Comprehensive creation and technical defense monitoring, video conversion, etc.

"Our New Tower Street is equipped with 39 full-time nets, 117 part-time nets, and puts all the elements involving all elements involving community governance and service masses and is included in the third level. INT. Demand in grid collection, resources in grid integration, problems in grid, form a network fusion, all-domain coverage, all-in-one menstruation.

Zhang Yuchang, secretary of the new party work committee of Xinminglou. The strength of the innovation team is integrated, condense multi-party joint efforts to further strengthen the township, street grassroots cadres, grassroots stations, jurisdiction units and village groups, community cadres, and constantly enriching the grassroots Work strength, strengthen the construction of grassroots cadres, learn from the advanced experience of Zhejiang and other places, implement homogeneous equal pay, pay the payment, performance assessment, the management mechanism of the prize, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the first-line team; actively carry out the form Diverse community neighborhood cultural activities, effectively stimulate community residents’ innovative vitality, through effective measures, coordinate the strength of the jurisdiction units and society, promote total construction and sharing, and form grassroots governance everyone participation, Everyone is a good situation.

"In the critical period of the epidemic prevention and control, our Jinyang Community has established community party organizations as the core, joint residents’ committee, grid party group, party member center, property enterprises to participate in the ‘1 + 4’ governance model of community governance, so that Ma Xiaohong, the high-rise of the messenger. The secretary of the Party branch of Jinyang Community, the hump road street said. "" The town adopted the non-public party organization of coal mine enterprises and the village party organization two-way mutual progress, and the way to help, insert the way Construct the grassroots party construction new pattern of the town, village and mine-based

Promoted the development of the industrial environment, governing the rural environment, and did a good job in village and mine, and resolved contradiction disputes.

Luo Yuqi, secretary of the party committee of Dahe Tower Town.

(Local Contributed Zhang Liuping Gao Zhongping) (Editor: Li Zhiqiang, Li Hao).