Tibet Tour Tax: Chunyun Run Border Service Boundless

The Tibetan language is "the place where people live", located in the southeastern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the west, Melug County, south of Myanmar and India, are the farthest border counties and total population of Linzhi City.

In order to further help the private enterprise of this border town, let private enterprises have more vitality, the State Administration of Taxation, the Taxation County Taxation Bureau, tight the party history education and "I have practical things for the masses", adhere to the taxpayer, tax The concept of "people" tries to provide the best service for the payers of taxpayers to provide the most intimate practical.

Spring Surficing Rain Fine Services Hui Miao Guoten "Spring Running Springs" has been carried out, and the bureau is jointly developed by the Industrial and Commercial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and continuously optimizes the business environment. Batching policy counseling and interpretation of the taxpayer pays, allowing taxpayers to pay full understanding of policies, eating policies, and truly enjoy policy dividends, and infuse powerful driving force into the innovation and development of people.

The bureau relies on the village cadres and social security deeper into the township market turns into the "tax and fee policy consultant", continuous innovation service methods, effective integration resources, and provides remote services through WeChat, telephone, etc. To boost the latest tax cuts and tax reduction policy, refined services run through taxes and fees, ensure that tax payment should enjoy and enjoy it. The main person in charge of the bureau said: "Fine service, mainly for local farmers and herdsmen, corporate person in charge, can not make timely and accurately grasp the current situation of tax policy changes.

Take the tax service department as the base point, with the village cadres, rural social security special use as radiation points, more power to carry out a pair of policies, let taxpayers pay full enjoyment of policy dividends, let tax payment Take effect.

"Helping the small graceful heart asking the seedlings of the small and micro enterprises are the capillaries of the social economy. In order to help the small and micro enterprises better develop, the bureau earnestly listened to the taxpayer’s payment, accurate carding, promptly responding, fast and implemented, Small micro enterprises add "power", so that small micro companies do not "tinsel". "In this quarter, we have issued tickets and generally issued a ticket. The total amount exceeds the tax, and the declaration is always wrong, enjoy preferential policies. How do you embody? Tang Dynasty, the head of the Xinxin Ecological Breeding Co. More problems and mistakes. With the continuous advancement of new taxaries such as the Electronic Taxation Bureau, mobile taxation, etc., the requirements for taxpayers pay the fees are increasing, and the problems encountered are increasing.

In order to effectively solve the new problem arising from the taxpayer’s declaration process, the bureau invites small and micro enterprises to enter the Taxation Bureau through the development of small micro enterprises "Hirkai Service Excellent Experience" interactive experience day. At the same time, establishing a bill, implementing the "Conditional Business Declaration, Tax Sector Counseling Inspection", and implement the "Tax Sector Cooperative Declaration, Taxpayer Character Review", hand-held taxpayer calculation The discount is reduced, and it will be implemented in the house.

Spring rain ruptoms are accurately promoted and put forward, implementation, and implementation of the taxpayers bring intuitive benefits to the taxpayers, and promote the entrepreneurial passion, construction industry, farmers, planting, processing and sales of people in the people of Zhuku County. All kinds of companies are like the spring bamboo shoots. How to make the company have steadily developed, long-distance, and more convenient, fast and efficient taxpay experiences in tax-related, is the most important thing for the Taxation Bureau of the County Taxation Bureau.

"I didn’t expect our newly registered small and micro enterprises to enjoy the door-to-door counseling. It has a targeted service. It feels more confident to be more comfortable. This service is really intimate!" Zhu Yun Jiangsu Zhejiang Business Hotel is responsible Song Ruhai is excited to accommodate the industry, the graphic information of this graphic and dining industry is tightly held in his hand, full of interest.

Although there is a border, the tax service is boundless.

In recent years, in order to better assist in the development of small and micro enterprises, the Taxi County Taxation Bureau has been guided by policy and benefit enterprises, and continuously optimizes innovation tax service methods. On service concept, service initiatives, service efficiency, let taxpayers pay Get a sense of happiness and then put a new level. (Sending the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau) (Editor: Once you have Zhu Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Share let more people see.