Zhang Zhiyong "Double Reduction" reform promotes the overall change of basic education

  ■ Teaching and Human Experts Talk about the "Double Reduction" Ministry of Education Basic Education Teaching Steering Committee (hereinafter referred to as the teaching committee) is an expert organization directly leading the Ministry of Education, focusing on cooperation, and assisting the Ministry of Education to conduct professionalism around the teaching reform and quality of basic education. Work.

28 professional guiding committees, including Chinese teaching, and committees from all local education administrations, teaching and research, primary and secondary schools, colleges and research institutes, etc., have rich education policies and theoretical research, education teaching management and grassroots Experience. In order to fully promote the "double mining" work, give full play to the professional role of the basic education and teaching guidance committee of the Ministry of Education, and open up the "Teaching and Fire Experts’ Experts Talk ‘Double Reduction’" columns, inviting members to combine their respective major or fields, from theoretical research and education Practical perspective, deep analysis of "Double Reduction" work, and also promotionally introduced local typical experience practices for learning from all over the country. – Editor’s "Double Reduction" is an important decision-making deployment made by the Party Central Strategy Strategy. It is a major strategic layout for the development of basic education reform in the new era. This reform is promoting the overall nature of my country’s basic education pattern. change. New Pattern of "Double Reduction" Reform Cohesion Education.

Promoting the reform of "Double Reduce", must be in how to get out of the project, and return to educate people to consensus. First, the party committees and governments at all levels must establish the correct political academic opinion, go out of the test scores and the income ratio to direct education, management education, reward and punishment education; second, education workers at all levels must establish the correct education concept, stand up The German tree as the fundamental task of education; the third is the majority of home to establish the correct upgrade, so that every child is suitable for his own way of learning, not to sacrifice the physical and mental health of the child to pursue the exam and success.

  "Double Reduction" reform to reshape the new pattern of public welfare education. In terms of safeguarding, education is the cornerstone of social equity, education cannot be a luxury, and it is more unable to make quality education a few rich "patents". This "double minus" reform, an important goal is to reduce the economic burden and energy burden of parents. On the one hand, let the school education itself return to public welfare properties; on the other hand, through improving the quality of primary and secondary education, providing training after school, let students learn to learn in school, reduce the market demand for the majority of parents to school education. A New Pattern of "Double Reduction" Reform Construction Education.

Although my country has achieved great achievements in promoting the publicity of education, there is still a lot of education gaps between regions, between urban and rural areas. "Opinions on Further Reduce Students’ Workload and Automatic Training Burden of Compulsory Education" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") On the one hand, "promoting high-quality balanced development of compulsory education", "accelerates shrinking urban and rural, regional, school education level gap"; On the one hand, "Improving the proportion of high-quality general high school enrollment indicators into the regional junior high school", Beijing, Shanghai pilot promotes principal and teacher exchanges. It can be said that the "Double Reduction" reform is advancing the formation of new education fair. New Pattern of "Double Reduction" Reform Reconstruction Education System.

"Double Reduction" from the institutional mechanism to deepen the reform, and focus on building a high quality education system. This will inevitably require school education, school education and family education collaborative reform, clarifying and standardizing the boundary, refactivation, optimizing the three-type education system, forming school education, primary education, primary education, family, family Education is based on the education system of life education, constructing school education, school education, family education, and the new ecology of their educated people. "Double Reduction" Reform Promotes the New Pattern of School Reform. "Double Reduction" reform starts from alleviating the burden of student work and the undergraduate training, is a "small incision, big article", and promote comprehensive reconstruction of the school’s internal education system. First, "Double Reduction" reform promotion classroom teaching reform, operation reform and post-class service reform, is inversion of school curriculum reform, and promoting school improving service awareness and enhances courses.

The second is to ban the two-course day, holiday replenishment.

The third is an attempt to introduce the proceeds of proceedings of proceedings in proceedings, and are promoting the relationship between public education and foreign education supply.

The fourth is to promote the reform of school evaluation, management and teacher performance salary system. "Double Reduction" Reform Promotes the New Pattern of Education Governance. Promoting the "Double Reduction" reform, "Opinions" put forward "students-oriented, managed according to law, government leadership, and overseevelopment" work principles.

Promoting the "Double Reduction" reform must strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the party; the party committees at all levels must lead this reform from the highly leadership of politics, and have prohibitions; strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen organization protection for this reform; strengthen decision-making leadership To achieve scientific democratic decision; strengthen the leadership of the assessment, the effectiveness of the "double reduction" reform is included in the performance and evaluation; strengthen the leadership of the accountability, and the "double mining" reform is weak, it is necessary to serious accountability.

Promoting the "Double Reduction" reform must improve the government’s education management efficiency; you must go out of the past governments to reduce the failure of education and governance, to improve the government’s collaborative governance, special law enforcement, professional governance, according to law and high data management. Promoting the "Double Reduction" reform must adhere to multi-cooperative governance; involve government, school, parents, students, school training institutions, school training practitioners, etc., to respect the public rights of all parties, coordinate all stakeholders Action together. (The author of the Deputy Director of the Basic Education Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, director of the Family Education Committee, Executive Dean of the Chinese Education Policy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University).