Zhejiang Qijiang Public Security "Rong Police" Volunteer Service Team Service Winter

  On October 22, the turn of Liu Yuansong accompanied him into Lu. Xie Jinlu’s home is a 50-minute walk from the bus station. Liu Yuansong will help him from time to time. After 50 minutes, the two came to the village bus stop. They took a bus to the hospital for an hour and a half.

  At 8 o’clock in the morning, Xie Jinlu began to do blood, Liu Yuansong accompanied by the bed.

Thank you, I’m asleep, Liu Yuansong went to the daughter in the city to have lunch, and I also brought him back to lunch. At 12 o’clock, Liu Yuansun sent Xie Jin Lu home. It is also a bus to walk the mountain road. At 1:30 pm, Xie Jinlu is safe to send home, accompanied by 8 hours ahead.

  Founded in the beginning of 2019, the "veterans" of Quanwang Town, Quanjiang District, composed of 9 veteran veterans in the village, the average age of 74 years old, the oldest is the 84-year-old Wang Shuigen, the minimum of 57 years old. The editorial team is Yu Xiaoshan, the police station of the Lujiang Public Security Bureau. The "veteran team" purpose is to solve the government, and the people will be unwind to the people, must serve the rigor of the military.

  After Xie Jinlu patients have ill, often live one person to dialysis, because the road is not familiar, the home is often 8 pm. His lonely tired figure deeply stabbed the heart of Wang Shuigen. Under the call of Wang Shuigen, the "veteran team" is passionate: "We are accompanying!"

Ye Meyi, the blood purification department of Zhangzhou Second People’s Hospital, was touched by the veteran: "The veterans have been very old, but they have been very intimate, pay tribute to the veteran!"