Xinjiang Baicheng County: Volunteer Love Team launched to send warm activities

There is such a group of people in Xinjiang, and they are not sought not to be greed. Every time they go to the holidays, they will drive the "Love Team" logo, and carry out warmth, love activities, become the city. A mobile "landscape", they are the volunteer and love teams in Bai City County.

Recently, the volunteers of the volunteer and love team came to the city of Oybarza Community, and sent the purchase of rice noodles and other life supplies to the hands of the 73-year-old residential Ma Xiujun. The volunteers of the love team will visit the elderly every year, let the elderly Sensual warmth.

"They often come to see me, we are like a family, thank you very much.

Ma Xiujun said.

In a holiday condolence, volunteers of the volunteer and love team will be worth 4,000 yuan of rice, face, oil and other living goods, sent to 15 households in the people’s home, and send them to their efforts and care and help.

Ru Da Ping, secretary of the party branch of Kendixun Community, Baijiji County, said: "I grate on the vulnerability of the community, thank you for bringing warmth to the community, brought hope to difficult residents.

"It is understood that the Volunteer Love Team was created in 2017, which not only condolences to the masses, but also provides help at anyone who needs.

The volunteer and love team captain Yakui River · According to the introduction, the team members came from all walks of life. At the beginning, 5 people were set up, and now they have been extended to 20 people. Everyone is the original intention of the responsibility and love for the society. Join this team.

"Our volunteer service team will carry out these love activities every year. We will continue to play our own role, contribute to its own power for the harmonious development of Bai City County.

Ruifeng Logistics Park Individual Operators Awarri Dehiming said: "I have heard a lot of good people about them, now I have joined this team, I am very happy, I will follow them to help the people do more Good thing. "(Gu Liki also wood · 斯曼) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting).