Work notes an argument exposed the problem

"Standing here I think about most is the word regret, regret that he did not hold the bottom line on the road to delinquency ……" September 2021, I participated in Anji county of Zhejiang Province under the Urban Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. takeover of Development Yuxiang Fei former head of the Office of the Inspection Unit of the trial as observers.

Found guilty of accepting bribes, Yuxiang Fei was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months. Yuxiang Fei violation of discipline problems finding clues, from a quarrel himself and Group Audit and Supervision Department staff. As the head of urban construction company resettlement offices Inspection Unit, Yuxiang Fei is responsible for the area of ??environmental remediation work on the construction of trash found in inspections has specified the right to contract.

Once, when Yuxiang Fei garbage statements submitted for review, the Group’s Audit and Supervision Department auditors based site mapping subtract the amount of garbage parties expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior until triggered a quarrel. The removal of this enterprise project submitted statements Yuxiang Fei why do it? Yuxiang Fei subtract the quantities of mapping Why is there so much advice? After the understanding of the relevant circumstances, the constituencies of the county Commission for Discipline Inspection of the second discipline inspection group stationed JISC will reflect the relevant circumstances of the County Commission for Discipline Oversight Committee.

After receiving the reflected, County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC our third discipline inspection room designated for this verification. We immediately carry out urban construction garbage removal company related to engineering a special inspection, review of urban construction and construction materials company found a company called Angelina departure Transport Company Limited of business almost all of the carriers garbage removal services company in the area of ??urban construction, engineering every year cost over one million dollars.

Follow us understand Yuxiang Fei Chen, head of the enterprise is closely related to private friendships, had caused Yuxiang Fei quarrel is what this company’s business.

According to information available, in April 2021, we launched a preliminary examination of the relevant issues Yuxiang Fei clues.

By combing analysis, we found that Chen received each day will be for projects of large cash withdrawal, followed by Yuxiang Fei account went existential business, Chen Yuxiang Fei accounts and cash on deposit accounts time now, surprising consensus on the amount. With the in-depth verification, Chen Yuxiang Fei problem accepting commissions gradually surfaced. June 2021, the county Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Control Yuan Yuxiang Fei initiate an investigation to review and take a lien measures. "I got the idea point these companies, just to let enterprises in the garbage can actively point, completely out of work needed.

"Initial conversation, Yuxiang Fei in every possible way to explain." Under these pen bank water you explain why Chen cash and cash you deposit the amount so consistent? "We produce multiple copies of bank records." I do Chen and garbage removal business in the partnership, the deposited money is given to me of profit, it did not report to the organization’s my fault. "I hesitated a long time, Yuxiang Fei attempt to cover up the fact that the reason the partnership business received commissions of." When you’re out of the capital, which involved the company management? "We have a series of questions to make Yuxiang Fei gradually disarray, knew not deny in the face of overwhelming evidence, Yuxiang Fei Chen finally received a clean breast of their commissions through. We finally verified, between 2017 and 2019, Yuxiang Fei advantage of his position to help Chen undertake a number from within the territorial scope of garbage removal, land leveling and other related projects, a total of accepting commissions Chen million. In June this year, Yuxiang Fei been expelled from the party. as a person handling the case, looking at Yuxiang Fei stood in the court dock the sincere repentance, while I feel sad for him, while combing reflect on their work, and sometimes a detail, but it might be a chance of a breakthrough in the issue, investigators must seize every detail spared, good at small things from found problems, and improve the sensitivity of the discipline that only law enforcement, in order to identify the key issues from the oversight of the complex.

(Cheng Ying Author: Anji County, Zhejiang Province Commission for Discipline Inspection Control Yuan) (Editor: Peng Xiaoling, Machan).