Traffic police release travel tips: Mid-Autumn Festival small holiday Taiyuan these places easy to traffic

  Original title: Traffic Police issued a travel prompt Mid-Autumn holidays These places are easy to traffic traffic Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, on September 15, traffic police detachment released travel tips including susceptive road sections, dangerous roads, etc., providing a reference for everyone. The traffic police expects that this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is a small holiday, and the peak of the holiday flow rate will appear on September 18th to 23, and the flow peak after the holiday will appear on September 21. Traffic stress will significantly increase the three types of regions. First is Chaoyang Street, Liuxiang Business Circle, Changfeng Business Circle, Vientiane City Business Circle, Parenting Business Circle and other commercial neighborhoods. The second is the peripheral roads of the five dragon mouths, small commodity wholesale markets and Hexi fruit wholesale markets.

The third is the road around Taiyuan Gu County, Jinxi Park, Taiyuan Square and other tourist scenic spots and folk activities. In addition, the 208 National Highway Qing Xu road has more traffic accidents in the nearly three years. There is a safety hazard. It needs to be cautious when passing.

  The traffic police also released 5 tips. First, don’t take fatigue driving, speeding speed, it is necessary to reduce the speed of the vehicle, reduce the change overtaking. Second, during the holiday season, friends and friends have increased, and everyone should take the bottom line that does not drive. Third, ride a large and medium-sized passenger car, we must wear a seat belt, ride a motorcycle, and electric bicycles should wear my helmet. The fourth is to pay attention to safety precautions in advance in rural roads. The complex roads should slow down, and they will be taken according to regulations. The fifth is the truck, tractor, tricycle driver, don’t illegally manned, the van driver should not pay more people. (Reporter Zhang Jinfeng Communicator Liu Haijun).