The national "One Village One Pin" demonstration village town, billion town, Yiliu Village list announced 4 towns and towns in 14 towns and towns in Heilongjiang Province

The Agricultural Rural Ministry recently issued the "Notice on the Announcement of the 11th Batch of" One Village "Demonstration Village and the 2021 National Special Industry No. 100 Yun Village (hereinafter referred to as" Notice "). "Notice" identified 399 demonstration villages in the 11th batch of "one village", introduced 174 yuan in the country in 2021, 249 yuan in the township of the country, Yiliu Village. Among them, 14 villages and towns in Heilongjiang Province were selected as the "one village one product" demonstration village town, 4 townships and 6 villages into billion town and Yiliu Village in the township of the country’s village industry. The 14 national "one-village one product" in Heilongjiang Province is the town of Yulin Village (seedlings), Yulin Village (seedlings), Xiangxiang Town, Qinggang County, Songbei District, Harbin City, Yanxiang Town, Suihua City, Yuhua City Niki (edible bacteria), Suihua City, Changshui (corn), Qiqihar City Fuyu County Friendship Daur Man Tri Kirki Township Sancun Village (Rice), Qiqihar City, Qiqiji District (Leisure Tour), Zhalong Town, Tiefeng District, Qiqihar City (leisure tourism), Qiqihar City, Tailai County, Qiqihar City, Kli Town (rice), Jiyuan County, Daqing City, Xinyi Town (rice), Daqing City Zhaoyuan County Western Niangguo Village (rice), rice in Dongning City, Mudanjiang City, Suiyang Town, Dongning City, Fuyuan Town, Fuyuan City, Jiamusi City, Tangyuan Town, Tangyuan County, Jiamusi City Leisure tourism), Heihe City North An City Red Star Farm (Snake).

Ten Years of 4 national village features in Heilongjiang Province are, Harbin, Shangzhi City, Harbin Township, Qiqihar City, Tai Lai Town, Yuhua City, Changshuo Town, Dongning City, Dongning City, Mudanjiang City. 6 national villages in Heilongjiang Province, Yili Village, Yiline Village, Yulin Village, Harbin City, Harbin City, Mudanjiang City, Jiangnan North Korea Manchu Township Dong’an Village, Mudanjiang Hailin Hailin Town Vegetable Village, Suihua City Qiwin Village, Xiangxiang Town, Qinggang County, Dawufu, Yuxi Town, Qiqihar, Qiqihar City, Dagu Village, Dagu Street, Longsha District, Qiqihar City. "Notice" pointed out that the development of "one village" is an important way to promote the development of rural industries, standardization, scale, branding, is an important measure to improve agricultural products, broadening farmers’ income channels.

I hope to obtain the national "one-village one product" demonstration village town, the national village character industry will cherish the honor, further explore the functional value of the rural industry, develop special products, and promote the development of the one or two industries, formation The development pattern of depth fusion in production villages and town. The agricultural rural departments at all levels should strengthen planning guidance, increase policy support, strengthen service guidance, carry out publicity promotion, and promote the high quality development of "one village", in order to promote rural comprehensive revitalization and agricultural rural modernization. (Tracking reporter Liang Jinchi) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.