Visiting super "charging treasure" – Anhui Ringshui Shui Shui Power Station [2]

What is the water storage power plant?How did you run?The reporter walked into the Anhui Xiangshui Pumped storage power station and took you to explore.

The power station is located in Fuqiao Town, Wujiang District, Wuhu City, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. The total installed capacity is 1 million kilowatts. It has 4 single-machine capacity 25,000 kilowatts reversible water pump hydraulic generator sets, which can be divided into upper reservoirs, lower reservoirs, water supply systems,Subway factory and ground switch station and other parts.

Electrical energy is difficult to store, and the water storage energy station acts as "charging treasure" of the power system.When the power system is low, the water storage power station is stored in high places; when the electric power is present, the electricity is generated to meet the production of electricity electricity.Pumped storage power stations have multiple functions such as peak, fill, FM, energy storage, accident spare, and ensure safe and stable economic operation of power systems, increase new energy power consumption, and promote energy structural adjustment.