The Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee held the province’s leading cadres conference to study and implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference

The provincial party committee convened the province’s leading cadres and conveyed learning to implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference with Zhejiang’s "steady" and "into" as the national overall situation, Yuan Jiajun conveyed and speaking Wang Hao Ji Huijun Huang Jianfa attended Zhejiang Online December 13 (Reporter Liu Leping) On the 13th, the provincial party committee convened the province’s leading cadres and conveyed the spirit of learning and implementing the Central Economic Work Conference. Yuan Jiajun, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting and speaking. Wang Hao, deputy secretary of Yuan Jiajun and the Provincial Party Committee, conveyed the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and General Secretary Li Keqiang at the Central Economic Work Conference. President of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference Ge Huijun, Huang Jianfa, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.

  Yuan Jiajun pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Economic Work Conference of the Central Economic Work Conference, with the important speech at the Sixth Plenary, the vision is broad, the intention is high, the system summarizes the economic work this year, the scientific research is general, especially the refinement Regular understanding, profoundly clarifying major theoretical and practical issues, emphasizing further deepening and promoting profound changes, system reshaping, and comprehensive deployment of next year’s economic work, providing us to provide us with fundamental follow-up.

Do a good job in the economic work next year, the most important thing is to learn the spirit of the important speech of General Secrets, General Secrets, Top Secretary, and Doing a Good Constance. Yuan Jiajun emphasized that it is necessary to deeply understand the major achievements of the party’s leadership economic work in the first year. The final analysis is that the general secretary of Xi Jinping will lead the fuselage, and Xi Jinping’s economic ideological science guidelines, as long as the "two maintenance", the direction of General Secretary , Fighting, and brave, it will be able to constantly consolidate the high-quality development of high-quality development, and take the path of the new era. We must deeply understand the major issues and core requirements of the socialist economic development of Chinese characteristics, the "two big political", and the "largest people", from the high level of political and great strategies, solidify the theoretical innovation, practice innovation , Institutional innovation, cultural innovation, innovation, continuous improvement of political understanding, political judgment, political execution.

Be deeply understood that the objectives and policy orientations of next year, highlight the stability, steadily, and highlight the policy system, adhere to system reshaping, promote all aspects of policy coordination, accurate force, improve time grake, form closed loop , Build systemization, full, measurable, evaluable closed-loop grasp mechanism.

We must deeply understand the major responsibility to grasp the center to give our province, and resolutely pick up the responsibility of "important windows", and support the "two maintenance" to implement the "two maintenance" to implement the actual action to explore the effective path to high quality development. At the end, the responsibility of the eastern coastal provinces is practical, and contributes to the national overall situation to meet the party’s 20 victory.

  Yuan Jiajun emphasized that the economic work of next year should be deeply involved in research, system planning, advance layout, and promote implementation. To fully analyze the situation facing next year, earnestly summarize this year’s economic work, which is fully affirmed, firmly winning confidence, and fully estimates risk challenges, and is fully prepared.

It is necessary to study the goal of the next year, and plan to determine the "jumping enough", reflect the target indicators of high quality development, common prosperity, maintain the economic operation in the reasonable range, with Zhejiang’s "stable" and "into" as the whole country The overall situation contributes. We must seriously study the construction of the provincial policy system, effectively connect the central government, combined with Zhejiang actual, prepare policy toolbox, form a more competitive regional policy system, appropriate advancement, to achieve accurate force of next year.

To study high-quality development, common prosperity, building a modern economic system needs to grasp the major tasks, conscientiously planning to promote common prosperity, standardizing capital behavior, guaranteeing primary products supply, preventing significant risks, carbon-up, carbon, creating digital changes Highland, reshaping area space layout, etc. To focus on the party’s 20th National Party Congress, 2022, Hangzhou Asian Games and the Asian Mall, resolutely set up political responsibility, adhere to the target orientation, problem-oriented, effect orientation, anchor Key difficulties, replenish the short board weakness, eliminate the dead angles of the blind zone, high quality to complete the target tasks.

  Yuan Jiajun demanded that various departments have earnestly grasp the beginning of the year of the year, ensuring that this year is closed, and the bureau will open next year.

It is necessary to resolutely completely do a good job of "retrieving" "sealing" "check", "sealing" "Qing" "clear" work, resolutely complete decision-making commanding and powerful, grassroots management responsibility to people, testing and judging efficient and synergistic, ivory control is effective The service guarantee is supported in place and resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control encounters war. It is necessary to consider the task indicators identified by the provincial party committee and the provincial government, to build a target task in the common prosperity demonstration zone, ensuring that the "annual red" is successfully achieved, and the work of the opening of the Opening Council in the first quarter of next year is fully accurate. Place the steady economic policy combination, all-round stimulate market and consumption subjective power, and ensure that "opening" will be "open" in the first quarter. Be deeply in-depth election work, further compaction subject responsibility, insist on the dryness, dry and change, change the responsibility, change without changing, change the situation, with the political ecology of the Qing Dynasty .

It is necessary to fully protect basic people’s livelihood, care for low-income groups, etc.

It is necessary to fully grasp the public safety, safe production, and improve the large-scale mechanism of risk closed-loop control, strengthen the monitoring and early warning of various risks, analyze and analyze and prevent resolution, and consolidate the good situation of social security.

  The meeting was held in the form of a video conference, and all districts and municipalities were set up. The above leading cadres, the main person in charge of the provincial direct units, etc. at the main meeting of Hangzhou.