Promote "two students to do" learning education normalification institutionalization 1 knowing and learning

Original title: Promote "Two Learning and One" learning education normalification institutionalization

"July 1" is approaching, the Communist Party of China will usher in the 96th birthday. Looking back in the past, it is highly attached great importance to ideological and political construction. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China "Expand to the majority of party members, extending from concentrated education to regular education. More than a year, more than 440 million grassroots party organizations accepted the baptism, 89 million party members were subjected to exercise in "big furnace" in the party’s political life, and the learning education has achieved remarkable, in order to deepen the comprehensiveness of strict governance . Opened a good head, but it was necessary to steady. At present, further promotion "two studies and one" learning education to the normalization institutionalization, it is to insist on academic science, knowing the line, and grabbing the team, and constantly enhance the "four consciousness" of party organizations and party members. Continuously enhance the political, era, principle, combatability, and continuously enhance party self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, self-improvement ability, and ensure that the whole party is more closely united in the party with Comrade Xi Jinping Around the central government, forming overall promotion of "five-in-one" overall layout and coordination and promoting the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, and continuously creates a new situation of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Promote the institutionalization of school education, the foundation is in-depth, continuous learning, and must insist on unremitting efforts to expand in firm ideals.

The ideal belief is the "Tianli" and "Wang Dao" of the Communists. "Two schools and one do" is the spirit, it is a righteousness. It is to guide party members and cadres to rose to the party’s feelings from the sensibility to rationally identify, driven out "smog", and constantly firmly firmly believe this political soul, truly " Four self-confidence "established, let" four awareness "into the heart.

"Learning" is going to learn the style, learn to learn, not only to read the original, learn the original, understanding principle, but also contact the actual learning, bring problems, continuously follow the students, and integrate through the history, philosophy and culture , Learn to learn, learn from the party regulations and series of speeches, and find the guide. Promoting the institutionalization of school education, the key is to do, insist on doing, and must always be "four qualifications", and expand in the practice of loyal and clean assumption.

To do qualified party members are long-term political requirements. Only when they are done, they need to have a clear understanding of "a Pine and Returning" and "not afraid of millions of miles".

Party organizations at all levels should adhere to the integration of learning education into their daily, and arrest, education, guide the majority of party members to contact the ideological work, put themselves in, according to the "four-story" standard, compare the "four qualified" requirements, pass qualified Rapture, draw the bottom line of the people doing things out, put the pioneer model image of the party members, and play a demonstration leading role in all walks of life. The ensemble of the ensemble, the walker knows. Promote the institutionalization of school education, to accurately grasp the dialectical relationship between "learning" and "do", learn in practice, practice in learning, truly learn well.

"Learning" and "Do" are not "two skin", and it is not the relationship between this elite, it should be complemented, complement. The party rules and series of speeches in the party constituies, the series of speakers, and externalization, to guide practice; find new problems in the actual work, and think about the party regulations and series of speeches.

In this way, in the loop reciprocating reciprocation of learning, it is used to prevent the screw rise of understanding and practice, maintain the advanced nature and purity of the party. The trip is unforgettable.

As early as the start of study and education, the Party Central Committee has clearly pointed out that "two studies and one" learning education is not an event. It is necessary to highlight normal education, and truly grasp the party’s ideological and political construction in everyday, strict.

For each party member and cadres, party spirit is never ending, and the qualified party members are not a one, one is always for all, knowing the line, learning to do a good life.

(Reporter Yan Ming) (Editor: Yang Lina, Cheng Hongyi).