People’s Ice and Snow · Snow Story

"People’s Ice and Snow · Snow Story" pays attention to the real story of the public to participate in the ice and snow movement, express the common people ‘s ice and snow dreams with the most simple record.The program spreads the Olympics spirit, promotes the world of ice and snow, and excavates typical characters and deeds in winter Olympics and snow sports.

"People’s Ice and Snow · Snow Story" covers multiple aspects in the field of ice and snow, divided into top ten themes, including ice and snow sports enthusiasts, ice and snow sports coaches, ice and snow sports into the campus, snow and snow sports into the community, snow and snow sports, snow sportsPromoters, ice and snow sports media, non-retired ice skates, ice and snow sports, China, the ice and snowman who is not divided into the country.

In 2020, the first quarter was broadcast, a total of 100 episodes, about three minutes per episode, telling the ice and snow story with temperature.