Why is the "Pakistan of the Pakistan" to the hot search?

Original title: "How to board the hot search? "The Pakistan President" Du Yitian fire. Du Yi Tian and his partner He Yongzhi will not be available in these days.

Du Yu Tian Zhengtian said in a continuous media interview, He Yongzhi received more than 400 calls to seek product agents.

The colorful potato pots of their company inventory is sold out within one day, and the orders in your hands are even after two months.

Du Yi Tian is a master’s degree in studying students in Xinglong Town, Zhenba County, Northwestern Agriculture and Forestry University.

Recently, he delayed the graduation of the microblogging because of the research and development of color potato pot, and then he was discovered by CCTV, People’s Daily and other media public accounts.

The 28-year-old Du Yi Tian suddenly welcomed the highlight of life.

Entrepreneurs in the campus, Du Hi Tian started from the University, with part-time entrepreneurship and earned life expenses.

He has been selling products, and this time, this time, the order is squeezed. On April 24th, the colorful potato potted in the Huntun Village, Xinglong Town is quiet.

Due to the surge, the color potato is urgent, and it has to be suspended. Compared with today’s supply, the color potatoes have once lost. That is October 2018, the colorful potato planting of Xinglong Town is connected to Du Yitian, let him help me.

Colorful potato this is the characteristic variety of Xi Agricultural Countries to help Zhenba, and plus Du Yutian is also looking for a new agricultural product. He promised to agree with 1 ton.

Due to the poor sales, Du Yi Tian’s "big piece" once piled up in the underground warehouse of the Westong Soil, he passed through the underground warehouse. "I thought it would take these colored potato ‘digestive’. As a result, I have a pile of colored potatoes in the underground warehouse. Some of them are getting more and more urgent." Du Good Tian Ren said that "fresh potato is not put, I want to process sauce.

"Du Yi Tian contact Yangling a agricultural product processing company.

After repeated communication, the other party finally agreed to process, just the blade for processing potato chips, and this batch of potatoes can no longer put it again.

"As long as you make a product.

"Du Yi Tian said.

In the end, they decided to make potatoes into a pot.

After several trials, the color potato pots were successfully successful: not only the color attracted, the taste is also good.

With the support of the poverty alleviation office, Du Yutian organized a campus sale.

In less than 1 hour, it has sold more than 10,000 yuan. After that, the school has allocated 30,000 yuan for funds and let Du Yutian upgrade packaging. The color potato pot is gradually opened in the campus.

Graduate graduated by graduation, He Yongzhi is one of the customers of the color potato pot. As a hometown of Town Baba, He Yongzhi not only takes the lead in planting colorful potatoes, but also selling the pots all over the country using its own e-commerce platform. But there is much more, from time to time, there are buyers in the background: "Said to be Zhenbral products, why is it produced in Yang Ling?" "We have raw materials, sales platforms, there are markets, why not build a factory, make a color Potato deep processing industry chain? "He Yongzhi thought so.

At the beginning of 2020, he also contacted Du Yitian again, hoping to invest in the factory together, and made a technical partner by Du Yitian. Du Waita will have rich experience in entrepreneurship, and then think that this is a great benefit to the town of Zhenba, and a warmth is coming. He agreed quickly.

But the sudden epidemic disregard their rhythm of their construction, and the difficulty of producing color potato pots is beyond his expectations.

Seeing the graduation thesis, preparing to defense, Du Yitian is very contradictory. "Since I promise someone else, how can I do half?" Du Yutian finally determined, and the application was delayed for a year.

Site selection, find funds, build plants, purchase equipment, proceedings … May 2020, in the investment planting plant in Xinglong Town, officially launched. For young people in two or thirty or thirty-dozens, I have to build a physical factory in the depths of Dashan. It is not easy. In addition, the research and development of colorful potato pots cannot delay. Compared with Yang Ling, the climate is wet, and the gluta of local rice is different.

Du Yi Tian re-adjusted the ratio of rice, color potatoes, corn starch, and soybeans, etc., and continuously testing the frying temperature, dry and humidity and other indicators, with a better taste.

In those months, he came back and forth between Yang Ling, Zhenba County, and Xinglong Town. Finally, in August 2020, Hanzhong Rush Cat Food Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Xinglong Town.

At the end of 2020, the company got the food production license.

At the beginning of this year, the company officially put into production. Looking at the pot "" from the pipeline "", Du Yi Tian and He Yongzhi have been happy. The "Pot Bar Palm" enterprise in Baasashi is officially put into production, and the new problem is coming again. Previously, the sales of color potato pots, procurement and funding are generally controlled. Today, the machine turns up and sales can’t keep up. "Money turns into the goods, but the goods can’t become a money.

"Du Yutian has been in the new distress. At this time, Du Yi Tian got news, Xi Nong was going to the town of Zhenba," postgraduate assistance group ", so he applied to Xinglong Town.

From March to September, he served as a half-year scientific and technological parage in the town. In this way, he doesn’t have to use weekends and holidays. You can truly root local, you can focus on the development of sales bottlenecks faced by the factory with your own development and implementation of some agricultural industries.

At the beginning of April, Taobao launched a university special food voting event called "New Bar Alma School".

Du Waiton Attacks that this is a good opportunity to increase traffic and exposure, just put color potato pots as West agricultural scientific research cuisine. In the video, the "label" in Du Yitian – R & D color potato pot, delayed graduation, deputy deal of science and technology, triggered netizens hot, and immediately went to Weibo hot search.

After that, all major Canton media have reprint that Du Yitian and his colored potato pot have become "top flow." What is the most exciting and touched by Du Yutian is that many media actively put pictures of color potato pots and purchase address links in the article.

As a result, the list "嘭嘭 嘭" jumped from the Taobao shop.

In the week of April 17th to 23rd, the number of online shop visits increased by 16847%, and the amount of orders increased by 14520%. "Writing the paper in the land" "Little Pot Bad Dream"

As the deputy mayue of Science and Technology, which is the town of Xinglong Town, he also actively seized this hot spot, promotes the promotion of the town, so that more people understand this mountain city in the depths of Ba Yushan.

Talking about the future plan, Du Yutian feels that the school’s cooperation is greatly available in rural residence.

"I hope to further land the model of Xi Agricultural University in the country, and contribute to the rural industries to revitalize their own power." He said. (Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Yue).