Zheng Yigao high-speed railway Wushan to the northern section of Wanzhou entered a comprehensive static acceptance

Zheng Yugao high-speed rail Wushan to the northern section of Wanzhou start static acceptance.

Yuwan Railway Co., Ltd. is awarded by Chongqing November 12th (Hu Hong) on ??the 12th, Yuwan Railway Co., Ltd. issued news, starting on the 10th, the new Zhengzhou high-speed rail Wushan is started with static acceptance, Zheng Yugao high-speed rail has opened a solid foundation soon. According to Li Kalan, Minister Li Kalan, Minister of Engineering Department of Yunwan Railway Co., Ltd., static acceptance is the process of inspecting the construction of construction projects and testing the quality of the construction project, the equipment installation and commissioning is checked. Popular lecture is to use professional tools and instruments under high-speed railway, and inspect the high-speed rail throughout the project. It is confirmed whether or not the quality is complete. This static acceptance is divided into rail project, roadbed engineering, bridge, tunnel engineering, precision engineering measurement, communication engineering, signal engineering, information engineering, electricity engineering, electricity traction, house construction project, comprehensive grounding project, construction land, environment Protection and Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Sound Barriers and Shielding Gate, Safety Gate Engineering, Natural Disasters and Foreign Affection Monitoring System Projects. The content includes two parts: industry inspection and an industry check.

After the static acceptance is completed, before opening the initial operation, the dynamic acceptance (ie, the joint test), initial acceptance and safety assessment will be held according to the plan.

  Zheng Yugao high-speed rail is an important part of my country’s "eight-eight-eighth horizontal" high-speed railway network along the Yangtze River passage and Hunan channel.

Zheng Wan, Zheng Wan, Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, connected to Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail, Xu Lan high-speed rail, stopped in Wanzhou District, Chongqing, with a total length of about 818 kilometers, design speed 350 kilometers, there is both Zheng Yizhi high-speed rail The Yun section is connected to the high-speed rail, which is built in the high-speed rail.

The static acceptance is about 183 kilometers from the Zhengzhou high-speed railway Wushan to the northern section of Wanzhou. It is a high-speed railway. The section started construction in December 2016. The whole line is 32 km-bridge 32. The tunnel is about kilometers. Bridge Tunneling Bilta% is a typical hardening mountain high-speed railway. It is understood that after Zheng Hao high-speed rail is completed, it will form a new express railway road to the Southwest China and North China, and further optimize the supply of regional railway products. Form a new pattern, helping the construction of double-city economic circles in the Chengxi area, which promotes high quality development of the Yangtze River economy with high quality development.

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