Playing a telephone allowance to the account

  Eliminate the "Digital Ditch" of the elderly, Foshan Zen City tricks. On December 13, the reporter learned that the Chancheng government service "total customer service" is upgraded, and the "telephone service" service is first introduced in the province, and the eligible citizens can complete the business in the phone.

The government convenience hotline is being "accepting" to "handle".

  The first phase of Chancheng government service is selected to run the "Old Age Award Application" matters related to the elderly.

Eligible citizens call 88881200 to consult the platform agent, such as ID card number, name, bank account, etc.

If the data is compliant, if the conditions are eligible, the service is completed immediately in the telephone.

  In the past, the government hotline generally only provides services such as government counseling and appeal. In order to further deepen the acceptance of the appeal and the business handling, the Chancheng District adheres to the digital empowerment, replacing the mass run with "Data Run", and takes the lead in exploring the "telephone service" service model, promoting the government convenience hotline from "accepting" steering "Handling".

  In November 2020, the "Implementation Plan on Equity to Equivablishing Intelligent Technology" issued by the State Council is proposed that it is necessary to effectively solve the difficulties encountered by the elderly in the use of intelligent technology, so that the elderly will better adapt and integrate into wisdom. society.

Currently, all localities are actively implementing and optimizing services.

  He Shuying, Party Secretary and Director of the Chancheng Administrative Service Center, said that "telephone service" is committed to solving the troubles of the elderly do not understand the operation, inconvenience to the entity hall, has positive significance for the "digital divide" of the elderly.

  Since this year, Chancheng has created a government service "total customer service" in the "six" (a number, one platform, a mechanism, a team, a wisk), a data).

According to the work plan, Chancheng will focus on the daily high-frequency matters of the masses, explore the scope of "telephone service", improve the service system, and achieve "No. 1 Union", and create a "integrated" service experience of "integration" service experience.

  "Phone Administration" makes the data terminal "addition", for the aging group "subtraction", and information has built a refined service new "bridge". Yan Hailina, a professor of the Political and Public Administration College of South China Normal University, believes that the "digital divide" of the government service, providing warm heart, intimate, rest assured convenience service, so that the elderly that needs "less running" is enjoyed Data "multi-sports leg" dividend.

(Reporter / Lu Hao Duan Sino).