Precious manuscript of "Millennium First Thought"

"Millennium First Thought", Marx’s "Brussels Notes" fourth notebook China Communist History Exhibition Hall, General Secretary, pointed out that Marx is a revolutionary tutor of proletariat and labor people in the world, and is the main founder of Marxism.It is the founder of the Maxist Political Parties and the founder of international communism. It is the greatest thinker since modern times.

In a showcase of the Chinese Communist History Exhibition Hall, a manuscript of Marx is displayed – the fourth note of the "Brussels Notes".

This is the only one in my country’s only saving Maxi notebook, which is extremely precious.

  Marx ‘s "Brussels Notes" fourth written records after mid-April 1845, a total of 60 pages.

Among them, the first-7 page exceeded the "Political Economics Tutorial" (1823 Pirate Edition) and "National Income Nature Research" (1824); On the 8-9 page, the French statisticalist, the economist Nikola Fran?ois Du Le De St. Moore (1746 Pierce); The page excerpts the "Amsterdam" (1771 Amsterdam) (1771 Amsterdam); Page 23-38 excerpts England Businessmen, Economists Asia Dieild, the "Trade and Interests" (1754 Amsterdam, Berlin Edition); Page 55-58 exceeded the "Food Readlier" of the Jenjamin Bell, the author of the Agricultural Issue, and the "Fortune" of the Jenjamin Bell (1802) Version).

In addition, pages 42-49, mathematical calculations on page 59 are incorporated by reference in the calculation of residual value and profit when Marx ‘s Writing "Capital On", in 1863, and is not related to the above-mentioned book extract.

Page 47-49, page 50-51 is a 50-year Marxist family expense, pp. 39-41, 52-54, 60 pages for blank.

The fourth notebook of Marx "Brussels Notes" exhibition in the Chinese Communist Party History Exhibition Hall, a total of 27 sheets of paper (the last 6 pages of notebook is now in Russian Social and Political Historical Archives). The paper and handwriting of the manuscript were identified by the German Berlin – Brandenburg Academy of Science and the Netherlands Amsterdam International Social History Research Institute, and the only relatively complete Marx original manuscript of China’s collection.

  Marx’s "Brussels Notes" fourth note shows that he is an extraordinary stage in the peak of climbing ideas. Marx’s precious manuscript, which provides information on the "Capital On", which provides information, and is also prepared for the creation of historical materialism. The content taken by this notebook involves currency, capital, trade, credit, value and price, relationship with value and exchange value, labor role, the nature of wealth and its origin and other classical political economics Among them, many excerpts are later incorporated by "Capital On" Volume 3. Through widespread involvement, deep research of many excellent economists, Marx has gradually forms their own unique views on material production and reproduction, and its complex economic activity relationships have gradually form their own unique perspective, and on this basis, the hard work is deeply analyzed. Production, circulation, and distribution reveals the production, distribution and conversion of the remaining value, so that the bourgeoisie exploits the "secret" naked exposure of the bourgeois, and then reveals the rules of capitalism, development and demise, and open the earth The political economy of the proletariat has provided strong support for historical materialism’s world view, which faded that there is a long-standing Utopian color, making it scientific by simplicity. Marx has left a lot of graceful and huge life, and it has been aimed at amazing theoretical system.

In this treasure house that shines with rays, this only thin tens of sheets don’t look at it, but can help us better understand the rich theoretical source of Marxism, and Marx’s great thoughts. Formation process. Marx ‘s "Brussels Notes" fourth notebook reflects Marx’s unrequitational and noble character. As we all know, Marx is born in a rich family in Trier, Germany, but stepping on a path of thorns. In order to the Chinese liberation, Marx has had to perseverate his back to the back of the anti-force force, and he has had to spend his back half of the dilemma. Life has always been ambiguous, did not show a greedy to the past, and did not expose a fragility in front of the enemy.

In February 1845, Marx, who was suffering from running, just found a place where you could start, and the "Brussel Not Notes" began to record, until mid-April, This note has been recorded in the fourth basis, thereby visible to the focus of its attitude, the determination of the will.

This notebook recorded by French, English, German language, like a vicissitudes of history, speechless, spelling Marx’s persistence and persistence in endless darkness.

  At present, the two-thirds of the work of Marx and Engels are stored in the Amsterdam International Social History Research Institute; another one-third of the manuscripts transferred to Moscow in the mid-1930s, collected in Russian Social and Political Historical Archives. Museum. The fourth note of the Marx "Brussels Notes" exhibition in the Chinese Communist Party Historical Exhibition Hall is that Chinese entrepreneurs have been donated to the country after buying overseas, and is the only more complete Marx notebook in China. For the Chinese Communist Party, this manuscript has an extremely precious value.

  Today, when the audience watched Marx’s "Brussels Notes" before the showcase, it seems to talk to this "Millennium First Thought".

This wisdom of thought sparks, so that the spirit of the Chinese Communists flakes in the spirit of the Communist Party of China, incentive we don’t forget the joy, keep in mind the mission, and constantly in the new great journey! From the 5th, January 5th, 2021 "Study Times".