Peaceful liberation of 70 years has achieved brilliant health care

  On the morning of the 2nd, the Autonomous Region People’s Government Information Office held a Press Conference in the Development of Health and Wellness in our district in 70 years in 190 years. The reporter learned from the press conference that the health and health care in our district has achieved brilliant achievements in the past 70 years. The per capita expected life is raised from 1951 to the age of year; more than 400 "big disease" does not go out of autonomous regions, more than 2,000 "Chinese disease" Out of the place (city), most "small diseases" can be resolved in the county. In the past 70 years, the Tibet health and health service system has become increasingly sound. From the sake of the serf, there is no right to see "people’s health" "people’s or health" "people’s first, life first"; the medical and health institutions in the region increased from the initial period of peaceful liberation to 1661, and the medical and health professional technicians increased from less than 100 people. People, 2020 hospital medical treatment in the hospital more than 6.32 million. Over the past 70 years, public health safety barriers have been built. Tibet disease prevention and control work has always adhered to "prevention, prevention and treatment", and disease control institutions have been insecting from nothing. It has now reached 82; more than 2.9 million prevention and treatment of worm diseases, patients have achieved death; iodine lack Basic elimination The three-level vaccination service network, the immunity planning vaccination rate is maintained more than 90%; in the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, our district has taken care of the overseas input, and the normalization of normalization is not good, and there is no 18 months. New cases, the vaccination coverage is among the best in the country.

  In the past 70 years, the health of women in Tibet is significantly improved.

Since Tibet has gradually established, some diseases that seriously harm women’s health have been promptly discovered, timely treatment; maternal and child health work gradually expands from single services to the full life cycle of women and children, preliminary formation, pregnancy, pregnancy, The "one-stop" service chain during the childhood, common diseases, frequent diseases are effectively prevention, more and more women and children enjoy high quality maternal and child health services.

  In the past 70 years, the health poverty alleviation is a popular people. In-depth development of "three batchs" and three years of attack, providing standardized concentrated treatment for poor patients with 38 major illnesses, providing basic treatment and family doctor signing management services for high blood pressure, diabetes, poor patients, for serious illness Poverty patients provide protection, in order to cure, medical expenses continue to happen and huge serious disease patients, provide basic medical security, major illness insurance and medical assistance and other safeguards, due to disease, poor rebate, poverty, poverty, poor, all Dynamic clear.

  In the past 70 years, the health aid work has achieved leapfrog development.

7 opposes 65 hospitals and the national health and health committees directly under the provincial and cities, and the "1 + 7" hospital in the district was all built into the "three-level hospital" in the "1 + 7" hospital. At the same time, help the local medical team, fill a large number of technical gaps, and strive to cultivate "not walking medical team" that can take long-term root, long-term service and long-term dedication. In the past 70 years, Tibetan medicine has continuously passed on and innovated.

The autonomous region has introduced a series of guidance documents supported and promoted Tibetan medicine, and promoted Tibetan medical care, education, scientific research and industrial development. At present, the entire district built 6 city (land) Tibetan Medical institutions and 36 independent county-level Tibetan medicine institutions, Tibetan medical treatment treatment in township hospitals and village coverage rates have reached% and%, and 329 million annual diagnosis; More than 3,700 medical professional technicians, "Tibetan Medicine Bath Law" is included in the world’s non-material cultural heritage list, "four medical examinations" are included in the World Memory Asia Pacific List. The brilliant achievements of Tibet Health Work in 70 years have fully proved that the Bible leadership of the Party Central Committee is the fundamental guarantee of the development of Tibet health and health care, and the people of all ethnic groups are the solid relying on the development of Tibet health and health. The selfless support of all parts of the country is Tibet Health and Health. The strong backing of the business development, the advantages of basic medical and health system in China’s characteristics, and Tibet are significant.

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