Xiushan: Promote the construction of grassroots government capacity to improve the satisfaction of the masses

  People’s Network Chongqing November 3th "Hello! I am a staff member of the county social insurance service center. According to your pension qualification information, the relevant matters are confirmed by mobile video.

"Recently, Cao Shiying in Xiushan County and the streets and her son Zou Xuebei received a special video call. In less than half an hour, Cao Shiying and her son were e-signing in the video of the staff. After completing the qualification certification of pension. "" No contact, zero errands, don’t see the business, it is convenient for home. "

"Experience in Xiushan Remote Video Certification Service, Cao Shiying’s son is praised in the phone. Carry out video remote certification services, effectively solve the special service needs of the elderly is that Xiushan County adheres to the people-centric service concept, and vigorously enhances the effectiveness of grassroots government services. A epitome. According to the relevant person in charge of the county government service center, this year, Xiushan County has further adapted to the new situation of government services and the urgent needs of enterprises, and in-depth "venting service" reform Optimization of the county government service environment, focusing enterprises and masses Hotspots, difficulties and plug points, the main line of the government service line, the standardization of grassroots government services, intelligent construction as the starting point, focus on improving grassroots government service capabilities, and the masses will continue to improve. Help Agency service is also an important way for Xiushan County.

The county government service center is constantly improving the work mechanism of the Helpion Agency, and actively creates a "Biancheng Help" service brand in recent years. , Township (street), village (community) three-level service center establishes more than 300 teams, to promote the "渝 快 办" platform for the "渝 快 办" platform for the people and enterprises, to answer questions, guide the company and The masses apply for all kinds of matters from the Internet. At the same time, in the county, the township two-level service center set up a self-help declaration experience area, 35 related self-service declaration facilities, also set up the elderly, disabled service window in the county government service center, facing the disadvantaged groups and special people to carry out the door Personalized services such as service, remote video. By patient and meticulousness, "nanny" help agent service, Xiushan County government service examination approval matters have greatly improved, in which the administrative examination and approval of online application rate increased by 42% under last year to more than 90%, grassroots government affairs Service efficiency can continue to improve, and the masses have been increasing.

  Next, Xiushan County will continue to improve the grassroots government service capabilities, and continue to improve the standardization of grassroots government services, intelligent construction levels, and continuously enhance the masses, enterprises. The convenience and satisfaction. (Liu Zhengning, Wu Gang) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.