The meteorological department fully escorts "the five" snow safety landing

In the early morning of December 17, the No. 5 return is safely landing in the quarter of the Four Son of Inner Mongolia.

China Meteorological Bureau for map People’s Network Beijing December 18 (Ding Yixin) In the early morning of December 17, the No. 5 return carrier carried the moon sample, and the four son of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the snow. In order to escort the "Five" landing, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau established a medical special guarantee service leading group, implemented the overall deployment requirements, and cooperated with meteorological protection services. Not long ago, the Four Son Wang Banli dropped multiple snow. It is understood that snowfall and strong wind are the main threats of recycling returns.

If the return weather is encountered when the return is landed, the helicopter helicopter helicopter is likely to take off. If the wind speed is too large, the return is very likely to float out of the landing area and increase the search and rescue.

Kanglin, deputy director of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Meteorological Room, said that when there is no wind or wind, the return is landing in a certain location; when the wind is large, the return can be shifted for tens or even hundreds of kilometers.

The weather conditions are not always constant, and the final determination of the main landing area is the most critical.

Locking the No. 5 return window period, the meteorological department provides a day cycle update assignment by the inner Mongolia high-resolution area, 0 to 120 hours of time resolution is 1 hour, the spatial resolution is a 3 km numerical forecast product. , Including special products such as shallow wind, high air wind, ice index, and bump index, and data such as visibility, cloud, precipitation, temperature.

Zhang Guilian, chief predictor of the autonomous region, said that in order to ensure the accuracy of the forecast, the team utilizes numerical prediction model and intelligent mesh, set forecasting methods and tools, and has developed a refined model product in a targeted manner, and strengthened with each Foundation, providing high-precision all-round services. Accurate forecasting is inseparable from the basic guarantees of live observations and data transmission. The Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau provides the four son of the royal flag and the nearby ground, and the routine observation data products from 2000 have supported the previous weather analysis; complete the related bandwidth upgrade, significantly improve the data transmission rate, through the "Tianjing" system, provide users with the user High quality data. (Editor: Ding Yixin, Li Wei).