The first "Chinese Charity Night" starts to help rural resolution

Original title: The first "Chinese Charity Night" launched to help rural revitalization China, Beijing February 26 (Reporter Li Shuangnan) Recently, Yingke · China Charity Night Launch Ceremony and China Charity Federation and Yingke Law Firm, Yingke Tourism Strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in Beijing. The third party launched the first "Chinese Charity Night" party ceremony, and will join hands to implement "Happy Home" village mutual assistance projects to help rural residence. According to reports, the happiness home village mutual assistance project is the path platform for the Chinese Charity Club in September 2020.

The project aims to use legal qualifications to build a rural community, helping to take off the poverty, promote rural revitalization, explore social organizations to the grassroots governance.

The Chinese Charity Association was established in 1994 and is a national non-profit public welfare social group that has been registered by the government according to law. The national non-profitable public welfare social organizations participated in the civic legal person and other social organizations of the enthusiastic career. At present, there are 401 members in the country. The Chinese Charity Federation President Palace pointed out that the Chinese Charity Federation and Yingke Law Firm signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in order to play their respective advantages, promote charity, public welfare, and realize cross-border integration development Make exploration and efforts, leading charity, gradually entering the rules of development. Xu Yixuan, a vice president of the Chinese Charity Federation, said at the scene, the Chinese Charity Federation and Yingke integrate the resources of all parties, and work together to promote the popularity of happiness home, to create a happiness home project to become a philanthropic communication platform, the integration of charity resources The platform and community public welfare needs release platform, comprehensive and public welfare participation platform, through the implementation of the happiness home project, enlighten the country community, extensively mobilized the community to participate actively, and share the sharing, comprehensively help the industry, ecology, ecology, Rural civilization, governance effective, new rural construction in rich life.

Yingke Law Firm, the founder of the company, Pu Yong, pointed out that Yingke will help public welfare cause development through the establishment of a public welfare fund, legal aid, law lectures, donation, poverty alleviation, and other forms, to help public welfare undertakings, return to society. It is reported that Yingke has donated 10 million yuan to establish a "World Rule of Law Forum", build a high-end dialogue for the world, and set up a scholarship in Tsinghua and Peking University and other schools. The total donation amount is nearly 10 million; The Chinese Children’s Fund jointly launched the establishment of "Life Care" project, donated by 15 million yuan in five years; Yingke’s lawyers actively participate in the "1 + 1" legal aid action of the Ministry of Justice, actively maintain the legal rights of employees and migrant workers.

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