The second Guiyang Industrial Expo highlights

On September 25, the 2nd Guiyang Industrial Expo volunteer ceremony was held, and 150 college volunteers from Guiyang College were trained. This newspaper September 26-28, the 2nd Guiyang Industrial Expo was held at Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The current work of this work is hosted by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, hosted by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the provincial government, and other cities (state) people’s governments.

The fair focuses on the four aspects of "exhibition, forum, investment, competition" in accordance with the "Exhibition, True Characteristics, Showing Achievements, Mechanistic Development", and strives to build new technologies, new products, and new models. Taiwan competitive stage. In the venue setting, it mainly includes one, two, three, four halls and North square.

Among them, the first hall is a comprehensive hall with the theme of "Guiyang Industry ‘"’ New technology, new products, new models; 3 hall layouts are new building materials industry, basic materials industry, modern chemical industry, large data electronic information industry 4 exhibition areas; 4th exhibition hall is the ecological specialty hall, layout is high quality tobacco Industrial Zone, Health Medicine Zone, Characteristic Food Zone, National Folk Crafts District 4 Exhibition Area. During the Work Fair, the "5G + Industrial Internet" Scene Application Summit Forum, "Carbon Peak, Carbon Middle and" New Situation of Industry Challenges and Development Opportunities Forum, Digital Energy Development Summit Forum, etc. Industrial production and sales docking, industrial investment promotion activities, organized the results exhibition of SMEs Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the 2nd Guizhou Industrial Design Competition Winning Work Show, 2021 Industrial and Information Technology Skills Competition.

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