The new force of condense the literary strength is the era

Original title: The new strength of the condense literary force is the time of the times, the newness, the new, the new technology, and they almost cover the literature, film and television, drama, art, music, dance, music, etc., they quickly capture the development of literature and art I am infinitely possible … Five years ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the important speech at the opening of the Top Ten, China, and China. It is necessary to strengthen contact, extend the work arm, strengthen the new literary organization, new literary group The unity guides, and condense thousands of literary practitioners, lovers, and constantly enhance organizational appeal.

In the past five years, the high-quality development of "two new" work has been deepening, "the new literary and art" has helped talk about China’s stories, send out the era, constantly meet the spiritual culture of the people, and show new era of Chinese literary strength on the world stage. . The ideological leading, promoting the righteousness "Two new" presenting a new appearance ", the text is dyed, and it is very excited." Literature is the angle of the times forward, and can represent the style of an era, can lead to an era.

In recent years, "the new" and two new "has developed rapidly, and has become an important force in the production and communication of literary creation.

Unity leads "two new literature", which is better to bear the banner, gathering people, education newcomers, Xing culture, and exhibition mission, is an important era.

Where is "two new", the ideological and political guidance is to carry out.

In the past five years, the ideological leading, political leading, and the value leader has always been a prominent position of "two new" work. The guidance mechanism of the party’s innovative theory education is constantly improving, and the education and training of ideological and political leading the main line is in each Widely carried out in the field of literary.

Since 2017, the Chinese WIT and the various literary artists have organized more than 8,000 students in the new literary and art group talents, more than 8,000 students; holding a network training course for more than 20,000 people. China Society organizes network writers to learn to learn the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era, the party’s 19th National Spirit and "Four History", and train 10029 network writers, including 8021 online training, and train 2008.

With the "Two New" Party Branch "Combined Subsidiary", the excellent "Two new" people into the party channel, party history education, "four history" publicity and education, etc., the "two new", organize the symposium, Special reading classes, scenario teaching, etc. "Don’t let the ‘rice’ chaos harm the youth" "The account of the in the field of entertainment is better." "Notice of Chaos Governance", "The" Combination Boxing "such as" Qinglan ‘Rool’ Chaos Implementation "special action is strongly hitting the industry chaos, effectively leading the" literary two new "to firmly grasp the right direction.

"From the art, you must be a person, and people can’t forget.

The people gave us the most enthusiastic affirmation, the motherland gave us the most powerful air, the party gave us the most determined self-confidence … "In August this year, the China Wenmpia organized" Slim Guide and the soul " Workers Professional Ethics and Working Work Symposium "and released" Slim Guide to the Soul "," The Wencai Art Workers Proposal ", all the literary and artists have held 12 symposiums, highlighting the literary and art circles The resolute boycott of illegal acts. The Chinese Association held a joint meeting of the national key network literature website and strengthened the professional ethics construction symposium, and the measures to strengthen the professional ethics construction of online literature industry have organized 45 websites to release the "Improve Network Literature Precision Quality Proposal". Further optimize the ecology of the online literature industry.

Guided innovation, stimulating "two new" literary creations rooted China’s earth, the era of the era "Everyone is the artist" era, "two new" people have a lot of people, the total, distributed, the flow, the flow, Far beyond imagination. As a new version of the new era, "two new" quality creations need to be carefully cultivated, and it can grow up healthily under care. From 2016 to 2021, the Chinese Wenmpia had supported 327 young literary creation projects, and the amount was 52.58 million yuan, including 141 new literary group projects, accounts for a proportion of projects. Zhejiang Literary and Federation breaks through identity, academic qualifications, qualifications, title and other conditions, implementation of the famous "incubation plan", which accounts for the new literary group in the 68 cultivated objects selected in 2020. Full Media Age, Douban Comments, Zhizhi Comments, Cruise Reviews, Horsebacks, Summit, Virtual Reviews Edition Extreme Review Products. In June of this year, the Chinese Art Reviewer Association held a 2021 "literary review two" Jinjiang Forum, and established the "New Art Group’s New Art Group Comments Commission", more than 70 experts from all over the country and " The new "Comment" comment workers first discussed in-depth discussion on the "literary reviews of the new" and cultural assumptions, blew the "two new" and the new version of the literary and art, and provided the Rational Critics to the Directional Criticism. Powerful guidelines and effective guarantees.

It is no longer limited to Xianxia Fantasy, the people’s better life, technology innovation, the spirit of Chinese culture, human fate community, etc., more and more, have become a new interest point for online writers.

The Chinese Society leads to support the creation of boutique, implementing contemporary network literary creation projects, and supports 129 online literature works in five years.

A large number of online writers raised their heads from the computer, walked into the hot reality, went to the reform and opening up, revolutionary old district, poverty alleviation first line, beautiful village … found the 70th anniversary of the new China, fight the epidemic, and stroning the comprehensive well-off, decided to get rid of poverty, We have left a network writer’s figure. According to the "2020 China Network Literature Blue Book", in the new works released in 2020 major network literature platforms, the real subject works accounted for more than 60%.

At the same time, network literature outputs more than 10,000 works in overseas, and users who subscribe to and read the appointments of the website reach more than 100 million, covering most countries and regions of the world, and become a foreign netizen to understand China and read a window in China.

Warm service, warmth to "home" widely condensed as the literary power of the era, "I used to be an actor in a system. When I took off the military uniform, I was crying, I felt farewell to my loved stage.

At this time, the China Wenmpia, China Vision, China Literature Volunteers Association gave me a new stage, gave me a home, a warm home.

"On May 18 this year, at the" Two New "Work Symposium on the National Wenlian," Two New "," Two New ", the actor Lin Yongjian full of feelings, and said a lot of people’s hearts." The cover has a very good job. " It is very important to wait. "Promote the prosperity and development of cultural cause, must cultivate talents, discover talents, cherish talents, and condense talents.

The China Text Federation established a new literary group contact office at the beginning of 2017, specializing in overtreating unity and leading the "literary two new" business. In Chongqing, Wushan Yangli Ping Art Village, Jinfo Mountain Painting Home Village, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Huxi Commune, Beibei Mountain Art Center, Kaizhou Poetry and Painting Painting Institute, etc. All in the "Two New" In Sichuan, "Building a new literary group home, the warmth of the family, the warmth of the family" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the establishment of a literary rights center in the Sichuan Provincial Wenmpions, further increased the protection of new literary organization group intellectual property rights; at the forefront of the creation, " Hengdian Film and Television Industry Wenlian "" Scenery Association "," the last km "of the contact service" Two new ", let countless" floating "" boiling boat "has belonging, honor, sense of responsibility.

In September this year, the national literary system new literary group title review work promotion will be held as scheduled, and the local documents actively promote the problem of crack, "two new" title is a smooth channel.

"When I started, I pulled it on the middle of the mountainside. When I was on top, I was praised when I celebrated. Through organizing training, strengthen comments, support key works, contact key network writers, etc., promote the formation of network literary creation guidance work mechanisms.

China Network Literature Forum, China Network Literature Rankings Publishing Ceremony and so on fully demonstrate network literature achievements, expand the social cognition and impact of online literature. China Network Literature Week is upgraded to China International Network Literature Week, China Network Literature Overseas Communication Round Table, the World Internet Conference Digital Times Network Content Innovation High-end Forum and other brand activities have a dazzling, helping "network waters" vision is a larger. I want to "two new words", urgent "two new", for their enthusiasm, solving problems, has become a new normal state of the text and organization organizations in the country.

More and more "literary two new" can better understand "home", understand "home", rely on "home", united into this big family, truly feel the warmth of "home".

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