Taiwan increased 8 cases of pneumonia confirmed cases in the case of colormature infection

  Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, September 7 (Reporter Jiang Tingting, Chen Jianxing) On the 7th, the popular epidemic command center in Taiwan is announced: the new 12 cases of new coronary pneumonia confirmed cases, including 8 cases of local cases, many people involved in New Taipei Kinderglass group gathering incident. It is understood that 8 cases of confirmed cases, 7 cases in New Taipei, 1 case in Taipei; 5 cases related to a group of infected infections in Xinbei City, including three parents, 1 young child, and her sister . Up to now, there have been 16 new northern childhood garden groups have been diagnosed, and the number of epidemic surveys increased to 487.

  The person in charge of the Attachment Command Center said that the virus gene sequential in the kindergarten group will be completely released on the 8th, but the signs are indicated to Delta strain or other possible variants.

  There is a Taiwanese media pointed out that kindergarten group gathering infection incidents highlight the old problem, the vaccine is not enough to make the teacher inoculate the second agent vaccine.

Temperature, Professor, School of Public Health, Taiwan, believes that as of 3 this month, the first dosage vaccination coverage of Taiwan is about 44%, the second agent coverage is only about 4%, the fall is too large, and the died of Delta variand plant enters the community The main breaks. In this regard, the person in charge of the Epidemic Command Center said the goal is still the first dose coverage, and the second agent of high-risk group vaccination is not accelerated.

  According to the New North Education Bureau, there are currently 4327 people in the city. Taipei also has a kindergarten in the New North City in New Taipei, so there are currently three schools to prevent sexual suspensions.

  Statistics showed that, as of now, 16047 cases of neoguan pneumonia were confirmed in Taiwan, 14550 cases were local cases; 837 cases of death in 2020, including 827 cases of local cases.

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