Writing Shandong New As a new journey – Shandong Party Member Cadres and the masses in depth to implement the party’s 19th National Plenary Session

Original title: Write Shandong New As a new journey – Shandong Party Member Cadres and the masses in-depth study and implementation of the party’s 19th National Plenary Session in the new journey to write Shandong New As the new journey – Shandong Party members and cadres in-depth study and implement the party In the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session, the people of Shandong Party members and cadres are seriously studied and profoundly lead the Party’s 19th National Plenary Session.

Everyone said that in accordance with the new deployment requirements made in the Plenary, combined with the actual development of its own development, the spirit of the Plenary Session will be implemented in various fields and various work. Plenary proposed, facing the world’s scientific and technological frontiers, facing the economy main battlefield, facing the country’s major needs, facing the people’s lives and health, in-depth implementation of science and education strategy, talents strong country strategy, innovative driving development strategy, improve national innovation system, and accelerate construction science and technology.

  "Vigorously develop scientific and technological innovation, which is precisely the direction of our efforts.

Xiao Yanheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Qingdao Blue Valley Authority, said that my country is the only high-tech R & D and high-tech industrial agglomeration area with ocean-free, since its inception, Qingdao Blue Valley set up the ocean pilot national laboratory, 26 "national characters", including 26 "national characters", introduced more than 6,200 talents. Xiao Flangheng said, the next step, Qingdao Blue Valley will give full play to the advantages of the functional area system, accelerate the national, provincial and municipal technology innovation Platform construction, focus on solving the problem of card neck in the development of marine economy. At the same time, based on practice applications, we will build a technological innovation system with depth integration of enterprises as the main body, market – oriented, "political research". "Plenary proposed ‘excitation Talent innovation vitality ‘, let us more determined to "innovate in new talents, the idea of ??the high school innovation platform". "Wang Aixin, secretary of Taishan District Party Committee, Tai’an City, said. Talent is the foundation of innovation, and innovative drivers are essentially talent drivers. Thanks to the implementation of" Zhihui Taishan "project, Taishan District has been identified as provincial ocular enterprises. "We will follow the" introducing a leading talent, collect an innovative team, build an entrepreneurial platform, incubation a batch of industrial projects, and provide a solid guarantee for the construction of modernization. "Wang Aixin said. The Plenary Session puts forward, strengthen the new workers and farmers, the urban and rural complex, coordinated development, common prosperity, the urban and rural complex, coordinated development, and the urban and hometown relationships of the construction of construction and peasants, urban and rural complex, coordinated development, and the urban lake Ecological Economic Development Zone. The northern economic conditions are superior to the south.

Local innovation launched the "Northern Nugon" mechanism, and there are currently 7 knots of 10,000-acres of big cherry bases, and achieve the same frequency resonance in north-south development.

Sanfafing, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, said that the spirit of the Plenary Session will be implemented in depth, the city will in depth, the "three districts" of the production park, the living community, and the ecological scenic spot are shared, and the new contribution to the rural revitalization Qilu sample board.

  Plenary proposed, adhere to the implementation of a larger range, a wider area, and deeper the opening of the country, relying on the advantages of my country’s big market, promoting international cooperation, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

The strategic opportunities for the construction of China – South Korea Self-Trade Zone and the National Deepest Deepening of Service Trade Innovation Development Pilot City, Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone accelerate the construction of local economic cooperation demonstration zone industrial park and Weihai Service Trade Industry Park in China and South Korea Trade Zone.

"Implementing the spirit of the Five Plenary Sessions, we will build a local economic cooperation demonstration area of ??China and South Korea Zone Trade District around the high-end manufacturing, port logistics, trade service, Wenxi Leisure.

At the same time, accelerate the construction of service trade industrial parks, and strive to introduce more than 500 enterprises within 5 years, more than 2,000 high-level talents.

Tan Jianping, Director of the Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone Bureau of Commerce, said. Form a strong domestic market, build a new development pattern. Proposed Plenary Session, with innovative driver, high quality supply leading and created new needs.

"It must rely on innovative driver’s connotation growth, breakthrough key core technology bottleneck." This year, Shandong Youth May May Fourth Medal, Shandong Ladiary Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Yan Jingchuan said as a science and technology company, laser Technology has a number of international leading inventive patents and penetrated efficient intelligent laser cutting and processing production lines and other fists. Next, laser technology will adhere to innovation-driven lead and create new needs, and promote more imports of corporate products.

  After the release of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, we organized the Village’s member, party members and cadres, and the person in charge of the first time in the village.

Everyone is full of expectations and confidence in the ’14th Five’ Planning and the March 5th Years. "The Standing Committee of the Lanling County Party Committee, Wang Chuanxi, secretary of the Party Committee of the Generation, said.

This year is another year from Geneuta, and they lead to the demonstration of the village. They create "pastoral new city" with the 11 villages around the village, and continuously improve the village personal income and the village collective income.

  Zhang Xinwen, secretary of Heze Municipal Party Committee, said that Heze will firmly grasp the total tone and general requirements of the 19th National Committee of the 19th CPC Central Committee, conscientiously plan the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, cultivate the "231" industrial system, and focus Develop a key area, key industries, key industries and key enterprises, and build a greater role in the implementation of new development patterns in the implementation of new development patterns. (Qi Jing Zhangyi) (Editor: Nie Jun, Xing Manhua).