The role of the temporary party branch is not temporarily retrofitting "old appearance change"

Hu Weijia, the party’s party secretary of the famous family community, said: "The role of the temporary party branch is not temporary, the next target task is to put in the work of the masses, mainly the contradiction between the transformation process, the supervision and management of the project. An important one is to implement the gang and help them to help them solve some practical difficulties in the scope of the party branch and the retrofit area, and use our actions to win the universal of the residents of the old community. Concerns and support. Li Hongjian, deputy secretary of the District Administration, said: "The Temporary Party Branch will continue to do a good job in complaints, demand, communication, publicity, conveying, etc. Strengthen the department linkage, cooperate, and close the demand and project progress, the project is not completed, the party members do not retreat, the residents are not satisfied, the branch is not dissolved.

"Next, the Temporary Party Branch of the Mingmen Family Community will deploy the overall number of old community renovation work. In the project promotion, give full play to the party members’ pioneering model. Through party members take the lead, mobilize the people to participate in the enthusiasm and do well. The work work, guaranteeing the orderly powerful advancement of the old community renovation project. (Zhengzhou Jinshui District Committee Propaganda Department Hu Weijia) (Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana).