Sanctions by China! American Breath, Port NGO

People’s Daily Online December 3 (Liu Ye Ting, Xu Xiangli, Deng Jie, Deng Wei) On 2nd, at the Foreign Ministry, "US National Democracy", "US International Democracy Association", "International Republic of China "Human Rights Observation" "Free House" is directly named.

Hua Chunying announced that China will have a sanction of non-governmental organizations in the case of a harsh in Hong Kong. A large number of facts and evidence suggests that NGOs such as the US National Democracy Foundation are in the case of Hong Kong, and they have strongly abetly engaged in extreme violence activities, which is significant for Hong Kong’s chaos. Chinese sanctions measures out, the outside world expressed your heart. Experts said in an interview with the People’s Network that the world’s chaos can see the American shadow after the Cold War. These shadows are relatively highlighted. There is an international background of NGO.

They are always broadcast in the world, and they should be restricted and driven. Driven by NGO is the normal and reasonable behavior of the sovereign state in the sovereignty.

The "trader" US National Democracy Foundation (NED) is funded by the US government in 1983 in 1983.

Its aim is to promote and promote the world’s so-called "democratization" and provide funding to relevant non-governmental organizations and groups. The same is also sancted with the US International Republican Institute (IRI) and the US International Affairs Democracy (NDI) is the "core transfer mechanism" of the National Democracy Foundation. The two NGOs were established in Washington in 1983. The former is committed to promoting "democracy, freedom, autism and the rule of law" around the world, and the latter is committed to the participation of citizens, the government is responsible for supporting and strengthening so-called democratic systems worldwide. .

Founded in 1941, the official funds of the United States was also established in 1941, headquartered in Washington, known as the so-called democracy, political freedom and human rights research and support. Human Rights (Abbreviation HRW), headquartered in New York, USA to investigate, promote the "human rights issue". The organization also has the background of the US government, and its members are mainly composed of the former US government officials and Central Intelligence Agency.

Under the instigate in the US government, the above-mentioned non-governmental organization (NGO) is involved in the hypocrisy of the democratic human rights, and the line is a matter of chaos.

The Central Political and Legal Committee WeChat No.

More than half of the modes of wind wave is from some non-governmental organizations and financial capital groups in the United States.

The article pointed out that some NGO organizations in the United States played the role of violent activities "trader" in the case of Hong Kong, and also held planning, training, funding, material supply, public opinion, etc. Dragon service. "In many NGO organizations, the core role is the core role is a US Democracy Foundation. According to People’s Daily," white gloves "in the United States (CIA) US National Democracy Foundation (NED), US International Democracy Research Institute ( NDI) and other organizations have long funded Hong Kong local political groups, polls or so-called human rights organizations, which are already public secrets.

In addition, NED also sent money to the opposition to the opposition to the opposition to the opposition to the opposition to the opposition to the opposition to the opposition, and the amount of HK $ 40 million.

A large number of facts have proven that the US NGO headed by the US National Democracy plays a non-exciting role in the Hong Kong case style, these organizations should be sanctions, and they must pay at the expense. "Hong Kong chaotic situation has not been dragged, and the key reason is that external forces have frequent high strength intervention in Hong Kong affairs.

Li Haidong, a professor of the International Relations Institute of Foreign Affairs, said in the interview of the People’s Network. The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to ensure that the external activity entities or institutions that interfere with Hong Kong’s external activities or institutions are mainly selected in the process of ensuring that Hong Kong recovery order. He It is pointed out that Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong and sovereignty belongs to China. It is the normal and reasonable behavior of the sovereign state in the sovereignty in principle. In the fact that the adults of the international community shouted in fact, in addition to this Hong Kong repair Case wind wave, US National Democracy, etc., the US NGO is also a big gold owner of "Tibet", "Singer" forces. According to Japan’s "Dynasty News", the US National Democracy Foundation has issued China’s "democracy and human rights" issues. The group provides a total of $ 96.52 million in funding. Among them, groups about Tibet issues have received approximately 6.25 million US dollars, and groups about Xinjiang issues are approximately $ 5.56 million.

"Dynasty News" said that the US National Democracy Foundation provides a blessing of "human rights and democratic" non-governmental organizations, political parties such as "human rights and democratic", and political parties, etc. to support the "human rights and democratic" non-governmental organizations, political parties, and so on. Although it is non-profit organization, most funds are provided by the US government.

In the international community, NGO, headed by the US National Democracy Foundation has become "crossing the mouse". The US National Democracy Foundation has led to the legitimate government of the country with the export democracy, which has caused serious dissatisfaction between the international community.

As early as 2015, the Russian Testac Procuratorate announced that the US National Democracy Foundation was "unwelcome", which means that all activities on the latter in Russia will be prohibited.

This is the first foreign non-governmental organization that is completely "pulled" since the "unwelcome law" in May 2015.

Russia accuse it in Russia to engage in anti-government activities, threaten national security in Russia.

According to Tasshief, the Chairman of the Russian Federal State Cultural Relics Foundation, Chairman, Chairman Marina, Chairman of the Information Community and the Public Media Public Development Committee, emphasized that there is a large number of US non-profit organizations "public subversion activities" in Russia, which should be close Surveillance and strengthen the supervision of US non-profit organizations in Russia. In the election of CCA, Nicaragua and other Chinese American countries also have the figure of the US National Democracy Foundation, which also strateched the "Color Revolution" in Venezuela, Ukraine, Iran, Myanmar and other countries.

The documentary "Color Revolution" filmed in 2007, discloses NGO organizations in Serbia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, such as the US National Democratic Foundation.

Su Xiaohui, deputy director of the International Strategic Institute, China International Strategic Institute, said that the United States uses the foundation of the Foundation as a diplomatic security strategy, the operation cost is small, but the fund is difficult to wash away the government color, with the name of the democracy "Color Revolution". This foundation is a cold war product. In fact, the US NGO headed by the US National Democracy Foundation is the "horse-stroke" of the US democratic output strategy, its purpose is to subvert the target national regime to support the progenitor policy to transplant the "US" democratic system to these countries.

"After the cold war, the world’s chaotic area can see the American shadow, which is more prominent behind these shadows.

The world needs peace and stability don’t need to be confused. If these NGOs are always broadcast in all over the world, they are very normal, and they are subject to restrictions and the limitations of the people. "Li Haidong said. (Editor: Jia Wenting, Xu Xiangli) Share more people to see.