Sharing the Olympic Memory! Beijing Olympics Museum launches the Global Call for Olympics

The event was hosted by the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association and the Beijing Olympic Museum. Jiang Yue, deputy president of the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association, attended the launching ceremony and delivered speeches. The winner of China Winter Olympics, the Chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, Yang Yang, and the deputy mayor of the Greek Marathon City, INSM, sent a video to the event. In order to attract the attention and support the Olympics, help the Beijing Winter Olympics, the high-level Beijing Olympic Museum, better inherit Beijing "Shuang Ou" Heritage, Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association and Beijing Olympic Museum in International Olympics With the support of the Committee and the Beijing Winter Olympics committee, jointly hosted the Olympic collection collection activities, from November 28, 2021, publicly collect the Olympic collection of Olympic products, the collection time for 1 year, the scope of collection is mainly related to the Olympics Significant items, focusing on the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, organized and organized the Olympic candidates in the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics in Beijing, preparer The Olympic witness produced in the process, participated in the previous Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and athletes in the Winter Olympics, and the coaches of the coaches, the competition equipment, or their personal souvenirs and others Olympic witness, important historical value, scientific value, and artistic value.

After receiving the relevant information of the donor declared donor, the organizers reviewed the technical expertise to evaluate.

The Olympic items identified by the collection are selected, and the Beijing Olympic Museum will sign a donation agreement with the donor and handle the relevant procedures and issue certificates to donors. The announcement of the collection has been published at the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association website and the Beijing Olympic Museum website.