"Zombie" pile upgrade is facing a business-puzzle idle slow receiving pile how to upgrade

There is a charging pile at the door, but the facilities are old, the charging time, the oil occupation of the oil car, and the car owners have to come to the fast-changing pile charging.

In recent years, new energy automotive endless miles have been continuously improved, and the high-power fast charging pile is more favored. The slow charging pile of a group of young buildings is getting idle. Some often have to be furnished. Some lack of operation and maintenance is turned off.

Parked zombie piles, popularize the experience of better high-power intelligent charging piles, becoming a lot of new energy owners. Slowly filled with the poor car owners to seek a row of charging piles at the door of Yuanjia, but Mr. Zhang, who is home to Tianyang District, and will go to a special superchart for 2 kilometers from home.

Talking about why you are far away, Mr. Zhang is helpless. It turned out that the charging pile of the door was installed in the community’s public parking space area, which means that even if you pay the parking fee of fixed parking spaces, it will be charged 2 yuan per hour.

At the same time, these charging piles are slowly charged earlier, and the charge is basically more than 10 hours, and the parking fee plus electricity bill is very difficult. Moreover, due to lack of special person management, the charging train is often occupied by fuel trains.

In addition to the length of charging, high cost, and poor charging experience are why Zhang Mr. Zhang is not charged at home. Once I stepped up with the gun and saw the start of charging, I went home.

As a result, I came to see the next day, I don’t know how to have a jumper situation, and the result is basically no charge for one night.

After that, Mr. Zhang gave up charging at the door. The reporter came to Zhang’s Swan Bay Community Charging Site, and a row of slow fillets here was basically in the idle state of the year, and many charging tramses were occupied by fuel trucks. The reporter queried by Beijing Public Charge Facility Data Information Service Platform, seeing the state of multiple charging piles here is displayed as a drop.

Mr. Zhang is not reflected in the case. In the charging station in the Kingyu North District, Chaoyang District, the charging station in the parking lot, and most of the year-end fillets are idle.

The reporter learned that the parking lot is parked during the daytime, with 2 yuan per hour, and parked by fixed monthly car rental. Before several charging trains, the monthly car rental license is marked, and the fuel truck is displayed. In addition, the reporter also visited Chaoyang District Crab House, Changshi Tianjie, Haidian District, China Agricultural University West Campus, Miyun District Yunhu Times Convention Center, and seeing the slow charging pile of these places also has low utilization. Show problems such as drop-off, oil car occupation. The fast-charged pile is the mainstream trend of public charging. Why many slow charging piles in the early years have gradually become a Chinese electric vehicle charging infrastructure promotion alliance technology and certification director Liu Wei analyzed, my country’s construction and operation of China’s charging facilities is a complete marketization. The behavior, some of the currently existing zombie piles mainly due to the small electric vehicle size and technical route is still in the exploration stage, the selection, site selection and construction of the charging facility have not been scientifically demonstrated, and there is certain blindness.

Ms. Liu, the new energy car owner, shows that some new fast charges not only charge, but also the operation, the user certainly likes such an intelligent equipment.

Because it is slowly filled with piled, the car field has also opened the special parking space to the fuel car parked, forming a vicious circle. In recent years, in the case of the construction of social public charging piles in this city, high-power fast recharges gradually became the mainstream trend of social utility, and slowly applied to individual private charging piles and several owners in residential communities. Charging and other scenes.

E-charging data shows that as of January 2020, the social utility charging facility is slowly charged at 2: 1, the fast charge-based social public charging construction pattern is gradually formed. The construction trend of high-power equipment, with the current electric motor upgrade, charging demand for battery capacity, and the demand of the owner.

The relevant person in charge of the E charge network. Compared with more than 10 hours, more than 10 hours can be filled with electricity, high-power fast charge is more than 1 hour to give the vehicle to the vehicle, some or even 15 minutes can quickly replenish 200 kilometers.

At present, all circles of Beijing are mainly charged, especially in the second ring and six rings, and it is slow to reach 4: 1. Zombie Pile Upgrade Faced with Commercial Puzzle These early construction, how to upgrade the discharge of the industry in the industry, how to upgrade the industry in the market, which needs to consider the geographical position, user needs, capacitor upgrade.

From the perspective of geographic location, user demand, slow recapitulating piled in business districts, public toll parking lots is certainly not in line with the fast energy supply needs of users.

However, if you want to update to a high power charging pile, the most important issue in front of the front is to expand the grid, and the capacitance needs to be upgraded.

And this is also a lot of operations that will be idle slowly and will not upgrade. In addition, after slow-filled and upgraded, it can access the lower price of low-priced industrial electricity, and the discount of parking fee is reduced, and it is also an important consideration for users.

Insider analyzes, spreading the zombies slow-filled piled lack of large-scale utilization, completely relying on marketization means, there will be more difficulties, need to attract parking with a certain encouragement policy, and the property company actively updates the transformation. (Original title: Public charging quick charge gradually mainstream zombie slow recharge urgently to be upgraded) (Reporter: Zhao Language).