"Double Eleven" is clearly requested by the market regulatory authorities

At the meeting, the various departments requested that the platform should be implemented in the platform to implement administrative qualification review screenings, establish intellectual property infringement complaints green channels, strictly enforce the intellectual property protection regulations, timelyly lower or delete infringement products.

Carry out information release review and real-time inspections, strengthen network live marketing information content and commodity content management.

Enhance the harmful information cleanup and remediation of online harmful information, do a good job in the investigation of illegal materials, strengthen the online attack invasion, and solidly promote anti-fraud propaganda. The various departments simultaneously request the platform to check the self-correction SMS marketing behavior, and dispose of network security threats to ensure personal information security. Maintaining payment market fair competition order, strictly prohibits tampering or concealing trading information, and carries out merchant risk investigation, and strengthening suspicious transactions monitoring.

Strengthening the ban on delivery items, reasonably arrange the warehousing and delivery rhythm, guarantee the quality of the delivery service, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of express delivery. It is forbidden to import and export intellectual property products and urge cross-border e-commerce enterprises to handle customs registration registration.

At the same time, we must severely crack down on illegal trading behavior on wild animals and plant lines, and fully clean off the illegal goods.

It is forbidden to sell aquatic wildlife and its products, prohibiting the sale of Beijing to disable fishing gear.

According to the law, the invoice shall be issued according to law. According to the period, if you confirm the income, cooperate with the tax-related report complaint. Strictly implement online shopping "four types" drug real-name system registration requirements, targeting the management of network selling special drugs (including vaccines), prescription drugs, and effectively regulates network selling behavior, and strengthen epidemic prevention management of distributors.

Establish a comprehensive public credit evaluation index system, combined with the credit evaluation level of the network business supervision object and the "double random" supervision, and establish a co-linkage mechanism.

In addition, to strengthen the implementation, things, afterwards, the main responsibility is implemented, strict advertising content, establish and improve the product quality inspection and monitoring system, strengthen price self-discipline, maintain fair competitive environment, strictly standardize promotional behavior, properly resolve network consumption disputes, actively cooperate with supervision The department investigates the relevant illegal violations of the operators in the platform, forming the benign interaction of platform autonomy and government supervision, and jointly improve the law-abiding business awareness within the platform, and earnestly maintain the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

It is understood that Jingdong, Ali, US Mission, micro store, millet, shake, fast hand, Jumei excellent products, Dangdang, Suning Tesco, Gome, Fighting, Vipshop, Temple, 14 key e-commerce platform companies, Participate in the Administrative Guidance Symposium. (Editor: Li Nanhua, Gao Lei) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.