"Spring rain runk" action helps small and micro enterprises steadily develop

[] Small micro enterprises are an important role in the economic development of the economic development, playing an important role in absorbing employment, increasing economic vitality, meeting residents’ consumption.

Since this year, the State Administration of Taxation Yangzhou Guangling District Taxation Bureau has integrated parties to study and education, and continuously carry out the special action of helping small and micro enterprises to develop "spring rain rushing", all-cycle all-round festival help small and micro enterprises steadily develop.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Guangling Tax Department, with the tax preferential policy of supporting the development of small and micro enterprises, in order to achieve the precision of policy dividends, the Guangling tax department combed the relevant tax and fee policy, and regularly passed the tax enterprise WeChat group, staple The staples are accurate to the taxpayer. After receiving the "big gift package" sent from the tax department, Chen Chen, the head of Jiangsu Mingzi Electromechanical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., "These policies are all our special needs, and the service is precise and meticulous.

"In the" micro-clothing quartet "staple, the tax department combines the company’s business development, asset personnel, etc. Synchronously pushed the "Spring Rain Running" series of short video, and the tax cadres were arranged to actively dock, and the problem of tax doubt is always available.

Chen Chen said that the epidemic has brought great pressure to the development of enterprises, and the activeness of the tax department is an injection of "strengthening agent" into small and micro enterprises. At the same time, the Guangling tax department also based on the special actions of "Spring Rain Run", with taxation data as support, finely discovered the quantity structure, industry distribution, production and operation, tax and fee in the jurisdiction of special new SMEs. Development prospects, etc., "point-to-point" provides fine service for companies. "A series of initiatives of tax preferential policies and optimization services, injecting strong kinetic energy into business development.

"After listening to the tax preferential policy, Jiangsu Rongye Technology Co., Ltd. Said Song Li.

  In order to further serve the new enterprise development, Guangling Tax Department organized a symposium in the "special refined" enterprise in the jurisdiction, inviting 7 companies such as Rongye Technology, Ruijing Technology, Wanfang Electronics, Foli Fruit and Vegetables. join.

The symposium fusion training, the taxpiece introduced the development of the "Spring Running Spring Breeze" for the "Convenience Tax Run" in 2021, combined with the actual production and operation of the participating companies, adding the company’s research and development costs, The value-added tax period returned to the tax rebate and other support for technology innovation tax and fee preferential policies.

At the same time, for the suggestions of the company’s representatives, the tax cadres have been combed, respond, indicating that "the special new" enterprise, establish a "one house", implement "one households", fully support Enterprise innovation.

  Next, Guangling Tax will further deepen the special action of "Spring Rain Running", continue to carry out precision propaganda counseling, turn on tax service through train, optimize the service method, and realize the customization of tax and fee, realize the direct delivery, enjoy it, let the company Lightly on the development road. (Zhanglu).