Zhengzhou Institute of Science and Technology successfully passed the acceptance of pilot projects in Henan Province University Wisdom Campus

  Since the establishment of the "2019 University Smart Campus Construction Project"

After three years of construction, the school institutional mechanism has been further improved, and the infrastructure has been further improved. The application platform has been upgraded, and the construction of one-stop office hall has a strong promotion of school management efficiency, information and education. Deepen, network security protection capacity is significantly improved.

In particular, the 5G Wisdom Red Education Base Construction Project was successfully approved. In April 2021, the 5G Wisdom Red Pavilion was completed, and the project demonstration was good about environmental education. Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology successfully passed the acceptance of the pilot project of Henan University’s intelligence campus. It is the affirmation of the Informationization of the School of Informationization in the Henan Provincial Department of Education. It has important guiding significance for the development of education in the school, and as the pace of intelligence campus is advanced Greatly improve the overall information management and service level of Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology. Next, Zhengzhou Institute of Science and Technology will further summarize the experience of pilot work, accelerate the exploration of the new method, new model, new model, and promote the digital process of education governance; accelerate the intelligent episode and new technology applications, intelligent education scene deepense And the construction of information management and other aspects; through informationized self-governance, promote the modernization of governance system governance capacity.

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