Wright’s past life。

On Earth,There were two monks in the Tang Dynasty,Shenxiu and Huineng are both descendants and disciples of the five ancestors of Zen。
Master http://www.sxzhongkai.cn Shenxiu said:Is the Bodhi tree,Heart is the mirror。Wipe away from time to time,Don’t make dust
But Huineng Sixth Patriarch said:Bodhi No Tree,Der Spiegel is not a Taiwan,Nothing,Where to get the dust。
Wright’s previous life was Takeo,Not buddhist,But the philosophical meaning contained in these two sentences can also be understood partly。
Although the world says that the sixth ancestor of Huineng is higher and higher than the master of Shenxiu。
But Wright understands,That’s imaginary,At least‘people’It’s just imaginary。
Man is not a buddha,There is no tree in my heart,Der Spiegel。
Wright himself is a god,If you return to earth with this ability,Will also be regarded as Buddha、Fairy。
Always polish your heart,Wipe away the inner anxiety、Restlessness http://www.hexiangly.cn and greed。
Torture yourself,Dissecting yourself,Make one’s soul more pure、Bright。
This pure,Does not http://www.fangxiandani.cn happen in the power of the soul,But deeper,On the spiritual level。And this spiritual change,But it also caused some subtle changes in the soul。
Wright’s Soul,That green lotus,Thirteen petals spread out gracefully,Converged at the core but there is a strange seed。
And at the moment,This soul is transformed from the inside out,The seeds are quickly absorbed by the lotus soul,And then stained with a hint of golden luster。
A trace of golden luster flows on the surface of the green lotus。
At the same time three different elements coordinate with each other。
“Wipe the soul,Firm will。”