Someone is now a bird,He just can observe this。

“Thank you。”
Wang Mingdao,Turntable,The mouth is outlined。
“Now I know who I am.。”
Summer doesn’t speak,Just calmly looked at him。
“I said,Next time you will kill you。”
Wang Ming did not immediately,Stand up,Tight stare at the summer,Smile in the forest,“Killer pays for debts,summer,You kill me, my brother,I am afraid that when you kill him.,I didn’t expect that I will have this day.。”
Summer still don’t speak,Even not watching him,Instead, I still have been stepped on the plus. Liu Qingqing,Continue with the village,Faint。
“She is just an ordinary person,If you want to humiliate my words,You have done it,Can you let her first get together?。”
“Ah。”Lin Luo Yin smiled,But not。
And Wang Ming, seeing this scene,Disappearing when the smirk on the face,Double 冷 冷 疾 疾 疾 动,Powerful gas field radiation,The clothes are not windy。
“You dare to ignore me?court death!”
Magna,His shoulder shakes,Fast lightning,A blink of an eye moved to the summer,Five fingers,Summer shoulder。
Confused summer,It is a laughter,The face is madness。
He slightly,Insurance and danger。
Wang Ming burst a drink,Take a single leg,The air waves scraped are like martial arts.。
His whip leg is like a split steel whip,If you put around the air, you will be exploded.。
Such a scene falls in Linlin and two male two women’s eyes,Slightly surprised。
They can also see,Wang Ming’s war has reached at least the median。
However,This feet still has no sweeping summer。
He is inappropriate to detect in advance,Casual one-piece knee,Legal ligament is like spring stretching,Upper body fierce presses,Avoid again。
Two hits,Wang Ming face,Follow it in lightning,Take a heart leg,The right leg is equipped with sharp air pressure,Pick up the phstal sound。
Summer figure is disturbed,放 肆 鹤 倒 飞 嬉,Avoid again。
Third hits。
“Give me death!”
Wang Mingzhuang, cold,Sound,Fist。
Summer stop,The eyes are expanding,Ancient well-free expression is not calm。
His arm,Five fingers,Happen,The whole body of the bones are 噼噼 响 响,The spine behind it is like a dragon in creeping。
In the body, the clothes are drumming,In a black hair mad dance,A box is like a shell!
Fist,Gather,Can’t say wild and arrogant。
Two fists have been striking together,The four surrounding air has never never been correct,A dust is like turbulence in two。
“roll!”Scream,Wang Ming’s appearance,It’s like hit by a mountain.,Self-air flour。
NS773chapter I am saving you
A cold drink,The sound is not high,It is like Hong Zhong Da Lu.,The whole hall came to the 回 回。
Summer rare angry。
But this time is really anger.。