Han Jin took a breath,Hard clamped。

Han Yuxuan put ingredients in the refrigerator。
Give Han to a cup of hot water,No tea,It’s easy to insomnia drinking tea in the evening.。
Put the tea cup down,He sat opposite Dad。
“Is this so late to find me??”
Treating your own father, he will always look at a cold and clear。
Han Jin looked at him,These years,Son even knows Li Shan’s things,I have never mentioned in front of him.,These years are really difficult for him.。
“Your mother knows。
”His faint sentence,Han Yu Xuan,Heart can’t hurt。
He doesn’t know how to think about my mother.,But my heart knows that my mother must be http://www.qlyflower.cn very sad at this moment.。
“Your mother will take me out.。”
Han Jin is irritating ignited a smoke,Smog,His look is particularly decadent and sad。
Han Yuxuan is holding a punch,The sound suddenly angered,“So you will come out like this.,Don’t care my mother??”
Han Jin sighed a breath,Looking at the son who wants to hear him,Narrow:“I know you are very angry.,But you also know your mother’s personality,Now I said that she can’t hear it.,Waiting for her calm,I will go back to find her tomorrow morning. 。”
“Why wait until tomorrow morning?,You want to get my mother’s forgiveness,You shouldn’t come out this evening.。
You should accompany her at home.,It’s the most hard time she is most reliable.,She needs more companionship and care。”
Han Yuxuan is unbornful ,He hates people who are three years old,I hate the betrayal。
Have a heart,Mom pain in this heart,He can fully understand。
“Thereof,I know,I will go back now.。”
Han Jin is bold,摁 摁 摁 下,Throw in the trash can。
Take a few steps,He looked back at Han Yu Xuan,“Yuxuan,Have a good relationship with Miss Lu,Dad’s things will not affect your,I will solve this matter as soon as possible.,Li Shan designed me,I didn’t have much impression that I have touched her.,What you said,I should go to be a parent-child identification.。”
Han Yuxuan is silent, not talking,If he is really designed in this year,And I was also cheated for more than ten years.,Then he is really stupid.。
“Even if Luo is really your daughter,Also changed the fact that you derailed,At that time, I know that it is wrong.,And you don’t have such a mistake for your mother.,You and the woman have been together for more than a decade.,I have never thought about it, I will be willing to retreat to your mother, I will wash your http://www.npeople.cn hands??”
“Do you not guilty every time you see my mother??”
He wants to,A person with such a dirty thing,How to make a heart, a woman who is facing his beloved?。
First2136Chapter Unique small secret1
Han Jinyi,Exactly,It has never thought about this.。
Li Shan and he reached an agreement,It is said that this life will really have lived their own life.,Will not disturb their wife and children。
And he is responsible for raising the child。
That woman is gentle,He is also an understanding。
But after three months,He is going back,I received a call from Li Shan.,Tell him that she is pregnant。
He is also very embarrassed at the time.,He is just because of drunkenness,The room he lying is also his own hotel room.,But his side has a lot of Li Shan.。
He was afraid again and tense,Because he really drunk,I don’t remember what happened last night.。
He then let http://www.tal-intal.cn Li Shan have slammed the child.,But she resolutely disagree,I have been so many years,He is actually guilty.,Every time I see my wife,He is actually very guilty.。
So,These years,He tries to meet his wife’s requirements and wishes.。