But the migration between the master is different,Know how to use the gap oppress the opponent living space。

Especially the five bodyguards of the beautiful fragrant fragrant,Regardless of attack or defense,Matching very tacit。
At this moment,Two of these bodyguards one left,The other two one before one,The last bodyguard is half the left side of the tiger.,Thoroughly sacrifice the center of the summer。
Besides,Zhongchuan Ren also jumped to the right side,Expand the most powerful and most vicious attack。
In addition, two people see the needle,Insert interval,Looking for a chance to let go。Eight parties。
NS219chapter Be unbearable
If you look at it from the look,Eight level moving is not easy,Seal all the backspaces in the summer。
Hand knife,Fist,Whip,Resubitorial……Gather。
Laud,噼噼 sound as a group。
Speed is getting faster,boom砰 碰 碰 不 于 于,Finally, it is like a drum.,More and more urgent。
This is a frightened picture。
In the field, it seems that there is a thousand horses in the rush.,But that is not a thousand horses,That is because the speed is too fast.,And let people swindle to spread。
central,Summer is proud,Interlaced before and after legs,Arms are like http://www.shengshifw.cn tissue,Seems to be very slow,It is like very fast,Resist eight parties。
Continuous urgent attack,Zhongchuan Ren is a ruthless。
Five bodyguards while shooting。
One of the bodyguards and refers to a knife,Quickly smoke the neck of the summer。
The other two sides from left and right, respectively.,Try to oppress summer living space,Put his shape。
The fourth person is the right leg.,Sweeping summer three roads。
And the last person accelerates the tiger,Steel general knee and double elbow 狠。
The five people are divided into labor,Teach,The time is accurate to the extreme。
at the same time,Zhongchuan Ren’s feet before and after crossing,Upper body sudden bow。
Just instant,噼噼啪 响 响 如。
At the time of the summer,Old force has been,Xin Li is http://www.wupeng18.cn unyielding,Zhongchuan Ren is already half the sky,A remember。
Knife,Calling 啸 啸。
Sudden,Summer astik。
I only see exhaling chest,Twin shoulders shake,The body is suddenly trembled.,hand,Palm,fist,leg,knee……Has already treated the residual。