“I am with you.!”Xue Min said the devil who has already played the head.。

Qi Lianna is not anxious,She also shot shot to make Ouyang Lan and the cold moon quickly rushed to rope,Because two people understand,The fastering the speed they leave.,The chance to leave the people will be bigger。
When they ran to the wall,The devil has been chasing the gun.,Ritual,Xue Min and Qi Lianna three guns seal the gate,Many devils jumped out of the window。
A big sound,The hospital door has been hit by a car,Two trucks rushing into the research institute,There http://www.ncets.cn are a lot of devils to jump from the car.,I also rushed to them.。
NS571chapter You are the jellyfish assassination group
Two trucks hit the hospital door to make it in harvested their pressure is not small,Some are tense at this moment,He doesn’t want to die.,Because there is still a lot of things don’t do it?。
But the current situation has to let him think to the worst,He is dark in his heart:If you die, you must die in the yard.,This body will also be burnt after the explosion,This will not be recognized by the devil.,Snowman、Jia Xie also has Xiaoman who has time to evacuate。
At this time, there is a shot that has been shot from the hand.,But the same devil shot bullets also whistling on the wall and the ground,Dust and Mars splash,Scene is thrilling。
“Nine brother!quick!We cover!”Suddenly the voice of Su Wenqian,Two http://www.chenxiafu.cn grenades are exploding in the yard。
“Nine brother,Do one!Tiecheng came!”With the pool town shout,There are two hands to explode in the yard.。
Ouyang Lan and the cold moon have come to the wall under the cover of Su Wenqian and Tie Tiecheng.,At this time, Xue Min’s body was shaken and sat on the ground.。
“Xue Captain!”Qi Rui knows that she is definitely a bullet,In the past, I took the hand and pulled her and said to the side of Qi Lunna.:“Take her!”
Qi Lianna is also not abolished,Use the rope immediately on the waist,Shout on the wall:“Happily!”
At this time, the pool Tiecheng threw a rope to Qi Lunna.:“You also come immediately!Otherwise, my nine brothers are hung.!quick!”
Su Wenqian took Xue Minla on the wall to let Song,Shout:“Hurry and send her to the car,quick!You pay attention to the devil outside!”
Rui Rui is in the air on the ground.,He estimated that it has passed for about six or seven minutes.,Timed bombs will explode three or four minutes,I have no bomb now.,As long as you leave this yard, there is still an opportunity to survive.。
“Iron city!Throw two hand thunder!”Rumored,
Rui sharp words,Four grati exploded in the yard,Rui Rui stood up, he is a running of the might of the mighty.,His right foot bursts on the wall,The body continues to leap forward,Then I reached out and grabbed the hand of Su Wenqian.。
Su Wenqian pulled the ritual hand to turn over the wall,He clinted the rope to the ground in his hand.,Rui Rui jumped to the ground under the cover of Tili City。
“Go away!To explode!quick!”Rumored。
The last jump of the wall of Tiecheng,At this time, there is already a devil from the front door.,But good in this pharmaceutical factory does not have many devils,Qin Zihu,Liu Ru smoke and Tong Lingling killed several,The rest of the remaining,Dare to rely again。
“Go away!”Qi Rui ordered。
“Nine brother,I can’t sit on the car.!”Tie City said,
“Nine brother,Wounded people’s chest,very dangerous。”
“I have to give her surgery immediately.!Iron city,Song!You bring Qi to the station, they immediately return to the legal rental.!”Qi Rui ordered,
“Kill god,I will take you to take care of the captain.!”Cold moon said,
“You can’t follow,But you can rest assured,I will try my best to save your captain.!”Qi Rui said to Su Wenqian:“Wen Qian you drive!Go away!”
Su Wenqian drove immediately,Rui Rui put Xue Min in his arms,Press your chest with hand,Then shout Xue Min:“Xue Min!You stick to!We are soon!You must be strong!There is more devil traitors and enemies waiting for you to kill.!Xue Min!Xue Min!Don’t sleep!”