Because he is very clear,The opponent’s darkness must have strength。

Just one of him,He has confidence,Even if you can’t end it。
If it is with the hand,Will only become fish in the network。
Thoughtful,He quietly left this place.,en route,Dial a number。
“Spread the message out,It is said that the door and middle law enforcement of Changyu do be hit by me.,Let those door valve consortium is very important,At the same time, the huge amount of huge amounts of the net network.……”After you get a few commands,Martin calls out one breath,Look at the arms of the tremble,Flashing in the eyes。
This time two people have,Outstanding。
At the same time, the two have a relatively clear understanding of each other.。
He wants to kill each other,It’s really tough,Almost no possibility。
But the other party now has the possibility of killing him.。
“Since it hits,How can you let you leave easily?!”
Martin bite teeth,Eye-catching,“Western is my home,Even without dead,Also let you get late!”
NS2952chapter confusion
Summer is time to eat at night,I learned that the news from Western world。
Not messaging is slow。
But he is improving breathing.,To avoid disturbance,The phone is put into the storage space of the respect。
The news is Maxi called。
This makes the summer heart,I can’t calm for a long time。
He did not pay with the ancient sea,But know,Ancient sea must be 凡。
Good sounds have given a sentence,Ancient sea deliberately looking for upright,Give him a rule。
Also means,The strength of the ancient sea is strong。
And now,She and the Ji Bao bottle were injured.……Then Martin, the gods of the gods.?
“These messages are only sent out by the gods.,I haven’t confirmed true and false,But I can’t contact them now.……”Maggie and the masters of people in the world,Although in this event,But not in mind,But always in secret activities。
Her direct contact is Jiang Luo Shen,But the news spread to the present,Jiang Luo Shen also lost。
Heard her words,Summer is not panic,Asked,“What is the situation in the underground world??”
http://www.webbai.cnchaos,Very chaotic,Have been chartered。”
The sound of Maji is complicated with a silk.,“Seven big hegens is all killed,I am secretly sending people to integrate.,There is an accident,And I get a message,The people of the gods are also dispatched.,It seems that I want to know the underground world,Peach……”She is talking about the fact。
Just after the news of the Ji Bao bottle was hit by the news,The whole underground world is one of them.。
Short a few days,Ji Bao Bottice This name can be said that no one knows no one knows。
She is the strongest middle law enforcement in five law enforcements.,It is extremely strong in a few days to crush the underground world.。
Seven of the nine big hegens,Kill by her towing one by one。
After that, I got a hundred door valve consortium to see her.。
How long has this?。
I didn’t think of everyone.,Just a short night,She is hurting。
Except for her,There is also a door owner of Changsheng.,It seems to be called ancient sea。
Just when people have launched the investigation,Long glowing door with ancient sea,It is also spread out。
Long-standing door,Ancient and mysterious martial arts in China,Very powerful。