Su Chen did not try to destroy the stone monument,Sixty black shadow,Such as ink。The horrible blood is driven down in the dark shadow,Return to the town of the town。

“I want to lead me in?”
Su Chen obviously notes that blood is just a symbolic resistance。
As a result,Naturally, I can’t try out the strength of the current thing.。Su Chen smiled slightly,“Follow me。”
Action is black,White Yun and Yuxi have no choice but to go in。In their sight,The old ancestors have disappeared。
Only a Chinese magic shadow is in the town magic hole。
Magic is expanding,Try to occupy the entire town。At this time,The blood in the blood is emitted out of the red light that is agglomerated.,For example, lightning,Insert a black shadow。
Wait until the red light,Only show real appearance。
This is a bloody nail,It seems to be a coffin nail。
Nail inserts magic,Like the seven inch of the snake,The magic shadow actually gave birth to a mourning,It is like it’s anger,Amazing power,Detached black cracks in the entire surface。
But,Crack is fast。
The struggle of magic shadows is weaker,It seems that bloody nails play a great suppression。
“no offense,Please leave again。”Although it is suppressed,But there is no priority,Instead,。Just its voice yin,Hear the heart。
But this,Su Chen is too familiar,The sarm in the last floor is also similar,The result is soon escaped。
at the same time,Instantaneous moment,Su Chen finally determined the position of the blood。
A black robes unfolding,Like a large mountain with heavy pressure,Falling in a corner of the town magic hole。
Case in the corner of a bloody coffin。
It turns out that the soda in the past is just a phantom.。
The real sarm is actually hiding in the corner,Glimpse。
certainly,Magic that is crucified is not a magic clothes.。
Demon and blood,Hidden the bottom sign unconsciously,Attempt to fall into the trap。Now it seems,Slightly disregarded。
The black robes are unlocked,意 压 压 死。
When the black robe hits the blood,There is no surprise impact,Sudden melting,Chemical is a viscous solar juice。
Do not,Riggy is really in the corner,It’s just that it wraps a layer of blood wax.,When the black robe touches blood,Waxy is open。
Black robes are sticky by wax,At the same time, it is subject to some kind of unsable corrosion,Sound of southern,The town of the town is black smoke。
The soda is clearly prepared for today’s things.。
See the magic clothes,Yuyang does not help,Inner celebration,At this time, I still have to loyalty to my blood.?
wrong,He is forced by the old devil,I have never betrayed it!
Yuyang is almost a step,Winning against the magic,But when he just wants to raise your feet.,Suddenly dead。
Magic clothes are like vomiting like living,Ink green juice,I don’t know how to use the poisonous ink green magic fog,The wax on the coffin begins to be caught by magical fog.。
Magic is therefore getting better,Damaged parts begins slow healing。
“The old ancestor is really bold。”Yuyang is secretly celebrated,Fortunately, he did not extend his foot.,Otherwise, this foot will enter the abyss。
After all, he is in the hole.,But just a moment,Who is still not a light time,Come now,Survival is naturally coming out。
Bai Ziyun next to it did not move from beginning to end,He has a tools of tools。 In fact, there is too much painful lesson.,Let him realize that the old ancestors did not call his time,Don’t mess。He is next to,I have always observed my cheap father-in-law.,The little action of Yuxi Yangzi is very clear to him.,He is dark,actually“father in law”Be braver,May be relieved。