Liu Fengxing sighed,Also punched,The speed of punching is incredible,On the occasion of a punch,Fist breaks the air,Actually sent out“Woo”A weird cry。And the air brought up by the fist,More like a wave,Before the punch,That huge impact,Is already coming first,That dreadful fist wind,It was so heavy that Chen Xiu almost couldn’t open his eyes!
Chen Xiu was shot out more than 20 meters like a cannonball,The most amazing thing http://www.ynqixiu.cn is not that he suffered multiple injuries,But it seems so powerful that Liu Fengxing repelled Chen Xiu so far,Didn’t hurt at all,Let Chen Xiu stand steadily。
Chen Xiu was shocked,He felt like he was gently moved out,Instead of being beaten out。This palm strength is harder than directly damaging yourself。
“Little brother,Forgive and forgive!”
Liu Fengxing’s foot lightly,The distance of more than 30 meters is already in front of Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiu http://www.asszero.cn subconsciously stepped back,This person in front of me is a master I have never met before。
Strong,too strong!
Fear comes from my heart。
This fear comes from the unknown。
If the opponent is twice as strong,It may not be impossible,After all, actual combat is not just the accumulation of paper numbers;If three times stronger,Can’t win,May not be able to escape;If ten times stronger,I can’t run,Can only stand and die。