See this scene,Li Hui Feng knows what is going on.。

It is sure that your own green shed is still unable to。
“Uncle,I also developed a mort that.?”
See Li Hui,The other party is also a glimpse.,Turn it back。
“Hey-hey,There is a mouse,But there is no disaster,Your uncle, I am young, but a good hand of catching the norther,You look at there,I have caught five or six.,But it is basically dead.。”
Look in Zhang Song’s direction,Li Hui Feng really saw a few big fields that were tied together.,One less, I have to be two or three pounds.。
“Uncle,Is this a nine??
How is it so big??
I remember that one is half a catty.?”
“Be a nine,Should be high nutritional value of vegetables,These things have been eaten after eating.,Although there is food in the past,But where, let these little things will eat casually.?
You have more than a dozen people in these greenhouses to catch five or six people.。”
For Zhang Song, Li Hui Feng is also interested.。
“Hey-hey,Uncle,This field you are throwing?”
This is a good thing,I used to eat a rat as a three chicken.,Now how the big field is also on top of six.,We have been eaten by us.。”
Chapter 841, Liu Zhiming
Although Lee wind aware of these voles eat,But really know how much to eat or after being surprised so many voles。
“You are not afraid of bacteria?”
“Hey-hey,Be afraid of 啥?
You are not eaten that taste,It is simply delicious world,Whether baked or stir-fry,They are delicious world,These things we could not eat all packed up to go home with a refrigerator with ice,If you want to eat,I’ll get you some fresh?”
Zhang Song Li also seen Conative the wind,Recommended up immediately with a smile。
Li Hui, listen to this,It’s a laugh.。
“That can be troublesome,However, to catch voles return catch voles,Greenhouse vegetables can not be broken ah,After all, a good value, but dozens of dishes。”
“Do not worry,You so much that we shed a dozen people during the day and at night are basically living in a shed among,And we have to catch up to the voles,Basic no problem。”
Then Zhang Song also go directly to pick up a not very dead vole,Directly out to pack up。
Soil,Gutted,Then clean has been voles will carry over。
“Baffle,You go back and try to roast,That taste is simply,The best Sprinkle some salt。”
Li Hui Lang looked at the Nice of Zhang Song,It’s also laughing.。
He was originally a shed over the investigation vole problem,Did not think it was over looking for food became a。
“Row,I try to go back,If you are delicious,Zhang Shu, but you will be more of a way to make a fortune。”