Then I think about Chen Linzhi,I don’t understand the happiness of the hoper.,How can I stare on this market early?,According to the truth, I have a Pacific Ocean.,This should not so much understanding,Let’s take a look now,Chen Linzhi always came to him.。

Southern Pengcheng Bay,Shuo big land signed a lease。
Recently, there is leaders who feel that the Guangzhou Bai Swan Hotel,Due to Xu Wei contact him behind the mountain,That is, foreign business Chen Linzhi,Want to create a high-end hotel similar to a white swan hotel,Land rent is willing to be free。
It is rare to encounter a big head that is willing to invest in the mainland.,Chen Linzhi, this name began to remember some people.,Unfortunately, according to the white swan hotel model,Lease fifteen years,Reaster。
Mr. Huo is indeed charity,Chen Linzhi is not,Therefore, Xu Wei is lazy to turn,Looking for reasons directly refused。
Send the old man to the airport next door,Chen Linzhi,Go to my own carnival in the middle of the night,Wedding photo is hanging on the wall。
So that the night of the week, the mother, the mother, who saw Chen Linzhi lips.,I thought that his company was busy overtime to the middle of the night.,Also privately discussed that I don’t look at this day.,Behind the sweat of work hard。
Chen Linzhi, really sweating,But the hard work with the mother and daughter,Not the same thing at all。
Busy for two or three days,The promotion will attract the customer initially digest,Plus one of his own investment,A total of more than 1,700 million dollars on private equity fund accounts。
Wal-Mart’s money tree,In the next two-30, you can always shake out money.,Chen Linzhi let people buy stocks worth 7 million dollars,KFC、McDonald’s、And Nike has never been put,Voted by $ 15 million,It belongs to the red and red,Continuous profitable potential stock。
He saw a little hot in the current stock market.,Deprecated by the US dollar,Positive for domestic sales and export is stimulated,It can still be in a level of a mid-auction,Worth buying。
Remaining funds,I haven’t used it yet,I have sent people to find outstanding startups,Tightly look at the latest trend。
Operational official law in Seattle personality,Looking for a shareholder who is willing to prepare in advance,Goldman Sachs hold a small amount of Microsoft stocks,But this company does not lack,I would rather wait until Microsoft listed, then wait and see for a while.,The two sides have been proven to be a dead road.。
Chen Linzhi also did not want to be too big to premature too much,ipoThere is also a chance to come in the stage.,There is also the same day on the market.,Give more interests that do not meet him and investors。
Wednesday evening。
Behind the bodyguard,Chen Linzhi went out of Los Angeles International Airport,Driver, Belier Hotel,Warmly help the door。
The airport is not far from the airport,Not far from the Gate Art Center,The whole Los Angeles is like a large urban and rural integration department,After a few times, he has completely gone.,Just want to go to the hotel earlier,Cooling swimming trunks underwater。
Often wear pants don’t recognize people,But each time I came to San Francisco,I can always remember Song Yuezi。That woman changed the place to live,I won’t have a message,Even the phone did not leave。
Dictionary is the last year,It seems that it has been a long time.。
NS241chapter Gang
Chen Linzhi recently spent more in private equity funds,The main office is still in the floor of the joint trading company.,His assistant and secretaries are for the convenience of office,Arrange a desk near。
at dusk,A secretary is packing a table,Suddenly thinking about something yet,Start turning to override what。
The strange thing is what she finds.,It is not to find her to help Chen Linzhi to book tickets and payment invoices for hotels.。
This female secretary is only losing himself.,Sorry, go to the finance office,Said with accounting,In advance,The transfer record through the company’s account can also make,Convenient accountant payment。
Order tickets and hotel vouchers,In fact, it is not mixed.,Yesterday, there was a dress that wearing a dress.,Take advantage of the lunch break,Stolen this desired thing from her table,Since then, some people have privately exposed privately.,Inspire many information,But Chen Linzhi’s secretary does not know。
The only role in this document,But it is the foothold of Chen Linzhi.。
Just before Chen Linzhi entering the old luxury Belyer Hotel,Someone has stayed in advance,And arrange a black girl in the hall,It is waiting for him to present。
It’s not what I like to kidnapped.,They start planning since last week,For the sake of Chen Linzhi,The liar of this guy is cheating from New York to Philadelphia,From Philadelphia to Las Vegas,Most of the time can always have a worse。
Previously, unexpected《San Francisco Chronicle》I saw the advertisement published in the joint private equity fund.,There are also reporters to add oil to the vinegar to describe how wealthy,Last year quickly saved a big fortune,The torch of the torch is stared by the head of this liar.,I hasty to go to San Francisco to start the pit layout,Among them, there are thieves and even want to turn over the wall.,However, Chen Linzhi’s house has a bodyguard.,Also installed complete alert measures,Zhou Baomu mother husband is another 24 hours at home。
This group quietly tracks Chen Linzhi for a few days.,Sickness,I feel nowhere to start after gradually touching the daily trip of Chen Linzhi.,Let’s try to take the ordinary secretary of Chen Linzhi appearance.,Send a little handsome guy three words to make her halo stepping,I learned that Chen Linzhi will come to Los Angeles to talk about business.。
Their leader thinks that it is a good opportunity to start,So I sneaked into the United Trade Company,Find a specific trip……
The whole fraud gang has a total of six people,Various divisions。