Doctor leaves,Lu Haocheng went to the ward with the nurse。

It is a double room,There is also a patient inside,Lu Hao is not happy.,Let the right to go to the ward。
The nurses look at Lu Haozheng’s face is too terrible.,Send Blue Xin to the ward,Give Blue Xinli,Leave the ward。
Jiang Jingli stands at the door of the ward,I don’t dare to go in。
The right courier will continue to do anything that is not finished.。
Blue Xin is fine.,She is also assured。
Lu Haocheng is covered with Blue Xin,Open a humidifier,Turned and looked at Jiang Jingli standing at the door,He is slightly eyebrow,The long figure walked toward ginger.。
With his approach,A strong anger swept,Jiang Jing, full of body, gradually tight,Get a gaze。
She lows her head,Avoid Lu Haozheng’s fierce icy eyes。
Lu Haocheng took Blue Xin’s mobile phone from her hands,There is no feeling in the sound line.:“You can go back.,No you don’t need you。”Blue and blue,It will only be more uncomfortable。
“it is good!”Jiang Jingyu also knows that she has already needed her.。
She finally watched the blue Xin,Turning silently left。
Lu Hao Cheng turned back,Sitting in the bed。
His face is very quiet,Very deep,Tenishing,It’s so helplessness and pain。
His woman who is looking for life,Always in the edge of life and death,In addition to pain, he is guilty.。
his hand,Hold her slightly some cold hands,He holds his hands,Passing the warmth of him to her。
Her hand will slim,Also very soft,He likes to hold her hand。
He looked affectionately at her.,“Blue,Why do I always protect you?。”His thick sound spilled from the bottom,Let people wait a helplessness and heartache。
No matter what time,He would rather to withstall all pain and harm,I don’t want to see that she is lying in the hospital bed ignore him.。
He looked outside the window,the weather is nice today,It is also getting colder.,The cold wind is filled in the window.,Lu Hao Cheng felt cool,Get up again to turn the windows together。
After the first bottle of liquid is finished,Also put on another bottle,Lu Haocheng saw the blue eyes of the blue eyes,He is a pain,Gently hook her。
“Blue,Are you awake?”His gentle tone is tight and careful,I am afraid of a little bigger.,I will surprise her.。
Blue Xin heard Lu Hao Cheng’s voice,Open your eyes,It is the worry of Lu Haocheng that,She looked quietly for a while.,It seems that it is immersed in the beautiful dreams just now.。
Blue Xin felt that he made a very beautiful dream.,Dream,Tao Mengyi is very good to her.,Laughing, a pet, called her blue blue,Also give her a lot of delicious,Gently touch her head,Smile to her pick,Also bodied to give her a bowl of soup,Said that he is growing,Let her eat more 。
That is her dream, I can’t do a good time.。
Going to the first dream behind her death,Dreaming of her so beautiful side。
Lu Haocheng looked at her and did not speak.,Just the tears of Baba,He anxious,Whispered:“Blue,Where is it still pain??”
He just saw the wound on her back.,Wrapped by gauze and strict,Can’t see the specific situation,Except here,It is a slight scratch on her arm.。
Blue Xinli blinked a big eye,Looking at him, the eyes are, and shake the head.,Swallow:“Ah Cheng,I don’t hurt.,Do not you worry。”
“real?”Lu Haocheng asked some unassured,See her tears,How do he feel that he doesn’t believe in him?。
“real 。”Blue Xin blinks,The tears can’t stop moving out,Long eyelashes are wet together,She looks more and more embarrassment。