Men’s mouth pulled out a cold,“I am from the island。”

Toned,Summer opening,He also,“In fact, I have already come.,All,Junli kills you, there is no complete confidentiality,Even deliberately passing some channels,Let this matter spread to a specific circle,I want to attract your friends.,Oh……Blood emperor came,But the 枭 has not come。”
Summer squinting,“Then。” “Then……Huh,I am coming.,I am in this village three days ago.,But not,I thought you were dead this time.,I didn’t expect that I didn’t kill you.。”
Men reveals a pair of interest,“Can you tell me?,What happened in it??
Why didn’t he kill you??”
“Is this related you??”
Summer road。
“Do nothing,I am just very curious.,Since you don’t say it, even if you don’t say it.。”
This man always gives people a sense of joy.,Follow-up,“Still talking about it.,I am looking for you for some things.。”
He looks straight to the summer,“At the beginning, you are in our island country.,Not only killing the gods so many people,The Niki palace is even more upon……Do you know?,In my island,The gods are equivalent to the heavens in your Chinese,Nissou Palace,Also similar to your Huaxia Guardian Alliance……Most importantly,My apprentice,So far falter,Summer,How do you say this account?。”
“You are a revenge?”
“It’s just。”
Gaojing is cold and a smile,“Let me be angry,It is a congratulatory,He not only didn’t shoot,It is said that you will also send you to you.,Hum!I was not in the island country at the time.,Otherwise,How can you live now?!”
Summer brow one pick,“You are one of the three masters of Island countries.?”
He remembers,At that time and the madman,Once said,The greeting of the island country Musli Mountain is the strongest person in the island。
But after seeing congratulations,The other party tells him,There are two masters in the island,It is only strong than him.。
Since this is called Gaoti’s man,It is the master of Rizhao Palace,If you want to be one of two people。
Think of the day,The other party left him the most profound impression,It is the incomparable tolerance,And beyond the unpolated ninja,Reached the legendary style。
Think here,His eyes blooms cold light,Ambient war,“Since you come to revenge,Make more,Make a hand。”
He just broke through,Just verify that today’s fighting power。
As for the other party,Summer is not intended。
His enemy has a lot。
Many each other is not something wrong。
“Public,I have to shoot you.。”
Gaojing voice is cold,Eyes like a poisonous snake,“But today I am not going to work with you.,But prepare for the first gift。”
He smiled,“If you are willing to give me the respected ring?,We have a resilience of each other,How do you see。”
“Then you still do it.。”
Summer eyes are not smashed。
“Click one’s tongue。
Sure enough, as I think,Don’t do it?。”
Gaojing shook his head,“Since this,Then I don’t have hope.,But……I am still not preparing to do with you.,We come to Japan,I believe that you will definitely be willing to give it to me.。”
He pointed to his head,Grinning,“This era,The competition is not only a fist,There is also wisdom……The brain is a good thing.,Right,I heard that you are very interested in your friends and family.,Hehehehe,Such a big weakness,Do you say that I will use it??”
This sentence,Summer doubles suddenly,Killing is like a black cloud, a general illness flashed。
“You have these hybrids!Why do you always use these letters?!”
Magna,Summer body broken。
Broken is the residual。